Funny chap, running

Yesterday I set out for a 7 KM run, one of my favourite routes, but it didn't feel comfortable right from the start. Various bits were hurting, my back and my old cranky achilles who has been quiet for a energy either. It was considerably hotter than the forecast too, 28C and full sun. I got to the top of the hill, where the lunatics jump off with their hang gliders and decided to call it a day, and come back via the paved road. I managed 3KM in 28 mins, slow even by my standards.

Here's the weird bit! I recovered from the heat in super quick time, and never felt that this was a "failed" run, I was perfectly happy with it. I got the most massive runners high too, and I was starving! All this was borne out by my long-suffering Baldy who lives with my odd running moods.

Funny chap, running!

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  • Brilliant! Yep, he's a strange one! I have struggled a bit recently, but yesterday (it was cooler and less humid) I had the best run in ages. I still felt pretty warm at the end and it was only a 5.5k but I was buzzing because I've had so many 'hard' runs recently - it was great to go out and feel so much better. My pace was good tooπŸ™‚! Glad you felt that buzz - it's a great thing this running, isn't it?!

  • Nice one Sandra!😊

  • I just try to 'keep the faith' Dave! ☺

  • It's better than doubt.. don't get far with that, and positivity the way to go!😊

  • Well done! Yes, funny how sometimes you feel great before the start of a run, but turns out to be crap and vice versa, yeah funny ole game running!😊

  • Aye, it is that !

    Sometimes I feel like Im gliding along the path like a gazelle in full flight and other times like an elephant in wellies ! :-D xxx

  • Running is a funny old thing right enough. A bit like spouses/partners at times. Can't live it, can't live without it! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • Funny - I recall you had ongoing, less than ideal, post-run feelings a year or so ago. This running business never fails to amaze.

  • Really? I don't remember that!

  • Really never know how it will turn out. Often, days when I feel it was sloggish, I have often have covered more ground or in a better time.. and easier runs the opposite. But no pattern really . Weird.

    I am looking forward to running in France, but not sure about the heat. i will be out very early I think.. currently forecasting 33 degrees :) Eek!

  • Whereabouts are you going Floss? Yes, it's been pretty hot, the coolest time is normally about 9 AM

  • Heading down to Le Bugue in the Dordogne... go Thursday :)

  • That's about 4 or 5 hours from me I think, could have a completely different weather system. Please let me know how you get on I find running in France completely different to Cambridge! Do you have Garmin? You can add me if you like...

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