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A very quiet week for me, last saturday weighing heavily on my mind.

Didnt run on Tuesday evening , went out and did 5k in 31 mins ish on Thursday, would have been quicker if not for the arse who parked his van on the pavement and waiting for oncoming traffic to go so I could run round it!

Sat morning came and really didn't fancy it, I.e. 14 km or a run at all. Kicking myself now seeing everyone out running today, ah well that will teach me.

Anyway back to it next week , look out 14k I am coming for you 😊

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  • Never mind Rob, there will be other runs! I didn't fancy the club run this morning, I did a demanding xc run Thursday eve, then Parkrun yesterday with PB time, then am out with the missus tomorrow on her c25k run, so thought best leave this one out...and yes! there are a lot of arses who parkup on pavements!😊

  • Thanks davelinks , you had a busy week , well done on your PB

  • Oh not_so_slow_rob, I'm sorry to hear you're still fretting about last week's bad run. You had a lovely quick 5k on Thursday but last week's run is obviously weighing heavy on you. Why not make your next long run10k rather than 14k, because you know you can do 10k easily. There's nothing like a successful run to boost your confidence. Take care Sweetie, you can so do this xx

  • Thanks AM ☺know I can do it, just a bit spooked by how rough I felt.

  • Aw our lovely Rob , chin up mate :-)

    Sounds like youre suffering with a bit of self doubt/ belief at the mo . I agree with AncientMum , cut yourself a bit of slack, and don't beat yourself up .

    You can do this Rob, were all rooting for you :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug ☺ officially cut that slack ☺ xx

  • One is better than none Rob and it was hot last week. Oh, and 14K is a l-o-n-g run so you have to be in the mood for that one. I've looked in my tea leaves and they tell me you'll do the 14K this week 😊

  • Thanks IP 😊

  • It's easy to tell everyone else to leave bad runs behind them, and harder to do it for ourselves, I think. You will be fine though - you know you can do it. Break it down mentally and you will romp home, and hopefully there won't be any stupid van man parked in your way this time!

  • Thanks Annie you are dead right :)

  • It will be so much better this time around...Nice and slow Rob, it was so hot that day....looking forward to hearing all about it; 😊 Keep the faith!

  • Thanks Jaxsy_runs 😊

  • Some weeks you just need to take easy.

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