Still a slog

Still a slog

I went out today for a steady 5k and as I graduated many weeks ago now and do a minimum 10k run once a week, u would think the 5k would be easy!  I wanted to stop at 1k, 2k and 3k but then jut forced myself to keep going.  Managed it in 35 minutes which is ok especially as the first part was wet grass, mud and an overgrown woodland track.  Glad I did it but can't say it was easy, why is this??  Perhaps it was because I made 2 birthday cakes yesterday and did sample one!!  Now I am back home, feel like I could tackle a marathon

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  • Some runs are like that.  If it feels like really hard going then I make myself slow down a bit.  I find that after a very long run, my next short run feels hard work.  Once I've decided to really slow it down, and just do the distance, whatever the pace, it becomes really enjoyable :)   The next short run then normally goes really well.

    This week was like that.  I did 22km in 2hrs 22 mins on sunday.  Then my 5km run on tuesday my legs felt quite tired and I did 5km in 32 minutes which is pretty slow for my 5km now. It didnt bother me though, I just loped along at a pace that felt easy.  Then this morning I put in a new 1km, mile, and 5km PB. 5km in 26mins 14secs :)

    I really believe that it is good to listen to your body.  If your body say's it's feeling tired, then slow it right down.  That lets it recover ready for a quicker run next time.  That way every run can be a pleasure rather than a slog :)

    Happy running :) 

  • Do you ever do 3k fast runs?  What about stepping stones podcasts.  1 k intervals are good too.  All grist to the mill ☺

  • I don't enjoy speed running, tried tempo runs once and hated it.  I am sure it is a great idea but just hate it, I like to plod along at around 7 mins per km and prefer to get my excitement from woodland and off road adventuring

  • I had a long run (12km) on Monday followed by 2 days of rest.  I find after a double rest day, it is hard to get going.  Lately, I am being more careful and if I need to stop and walk, I will

  • Some slog.... well done you :)

    Some runs do feel like it though don't they? For is always, always, the first five minutes or so of any run!

    You did brilliantly anyway... BTW, you didn't eat a whole cake ??? :)

  • I find the first 10 minutes challenging and then it feels ok.  I also prefer a long run as there is more time to get into my stride plus less pressure to go fast.  Also I usually plan an adventure for long runs - woodland, footpaths, fields and generally getting lost in the middle of nowhere!  Love the solitude of a long run

  • It sounds just idyllic :)

  • I only had a couple of slices of the Victoria sandwich cake, don't like coffee walnut LOL

  • Delish!!!!

  • But you ran without pain which is great. Good self restraint on the cakes. Yum walnut. What is the other one?

  • Victoria sandwich with whipped double cream, practicing as I'm opening a community cafe on Friday afternoons soon

  • Funny you should say that Joolie. I still struggle with 5k no matter what. Recently I've been doing a lot of 5 mile runs due to my asics plan (its bloomin obsessed with 5 mile runs). I had a 3.5 mile on scheduled yestetday and it felt even harder than the longer one!

    Mind you I take significantly longer than 35 mins to do a 5k. Thats not exactly slow even if it felt it☺

    Lovely looking cakes by the way. Nom nom nom 😆😆

  • Thank you, encouraging that my speed seems fine, don't have any goals to run faster and I can slow down if needed!

  • I'm with you on that one Noaky

  • Julie your idea of slow is fast for me. Can you perhaps work on really slowing down. I still really get a lot out of a run if I start really really slow. It can be hard to do, as instinctively you want to go fast, but I really believe you warm up on the run, i.e. starting slowly helps your muscles, lungs etc feel their optimum by the time you're halfway through. Sometimes I don't get that great feeling til 10mins before the end but it's always worth it when it comes. Cakes look fab btw :)

  • I think you are right, I would benefit from slowing down. Hard isn't it though, as I have a 1,2,3,4 type of rhythm that I'm used to. If I slowed down, it might help me enjoy running more and people seem to say I am not slow so I could be more gentle

  • If you're rhythmic, you can use that sort of rhythmic approach to slowing down. I make myself slow a bit, then hit that pace for a bit, then make myself slow a bit more, sustain the pace again, repeat again, eventually I realise I'm now slow, things feel easier, then I settle in. I see slowing down as a strategic process. And ironically slowing down seems to help you go faster. So there's everything to gain!

  • Who knows , the great running God's smile on us 1 day and on another cast a shadow over us,

    We all have things called life, with so many inputs and variables that can impact on us even when we don't think they will.

    Running is our way of navigating through and coming out the other side 😊

  • The thing is, even after a slog, a run that didn't feel like any kind of fun or one that made me think I hate running,M when I get home, I feel satisfied that I did it and can't wait for the next one!!

  • I get that too, guess that makes us addicted and runners 😊

  • I usually struggle with the first 5k of any run - which is a shame when you're doing parkrun. On the whole I do know that once I get that far it usually picks up. Who ever would have thought.

  • it never gets easier. But, you get stronger. Keep it up.

  • I struggled with a 4k this morning... but I'm putting it down to giving blood less than 48 hrs ago!

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