Lost in the woods, another adventure!

Lost in the woods, another adventure!

After a silly stinging calf, decided to try a long run and headed for the woods.  A few stops and walk breaks along the way but feeling almost back on form!  Stung on the leg through long tights by stinging nettles, nearly tripped over a tree root in the woods, could hear a scary siren in the town - are we at war or could it be a zombie apocalypse, decided to try an unknown track and got lost in the woods but found myself again and tried to find the shade - turning into a scorcher!  Running just makes me so happy 😀 There is nothing quite like it

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  • Love it! Looks great and sounds even better! Getting lost is the thing at the moment! :)

  • The zombles are still out there 👾

  • Glad you've got over your injury and are enjoying yourself again. It's a brilliant time of year to run: mostly not too hot, everything is green, flowers are blooming like crazy and somehow we are hungry for colour and sunshine. I love it too!

  • The ground is dry so come back clean!

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