Asics #9 - trumpets, fanfares, please: I conquered The Beast!

Today's run was supposed to be a v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w 5k.  Well, actually, it's supposed to be tomorrow, but then I was supposed to do a 10k the day after.  I'm not sure I can do that, so I budged the 5k up to today, plus it was a nice morning, so off I went.  I wasn't sure where to go so ambled off along the top road which is gently uphill and then turns to go down into town via The Beast.  That takes about 2k.  I was pottering gently downhill, wondering where to go next, when the idea hit me.

Could I?

Last time (22 days ago, apparently), I didn't make it all the way up it.  So even if I didn't this time, it didn't matter.  This was supposed to be a slow run, so I would take it nice and gently.

I did it!  All the way up, no stopping :)  I had the biggest grin on my face at the top.  I pottered gently back home again and then had to do mini-circles round the pavements to get the last quarter-k on the Garmin, but woohoo!

1.3km of hill, 73m of ascent - yeah, did that :)

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  • Well done Annie - great news. Love those hills!😮

  • Thank you :)  Wouldn't say I love them exactly...!

  • Hurray!  Well done!  The Beast slain !  😊

  • Thank you!  I shall never run up it again now, in case it bites me on the bum next time :D

  • Taa Daaa ! Yay , Well done Annie !!!

    Beast - 0 Annie 1

    Go you Missus :-) xxx

  • It was a great feeling!  Thank you for the cheerleading :) xxx

  • Embrace the hills.... you did it!

    Love the mini circles description...I usually end up running up and down by lines of cars waiting for the railway crossing barriers to lift.. get odd looks!

    You are amazing... well done! You showed that Beast!!!!!! :)

  • Don't you just hate it when you've misjudged slightly and you need the distance to get the magic number?  :D

    Thank you for your lovely words :)

  • Welcome.. you deserve it!

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