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Happy 2000 Klmsiversary to me!!


My first running entry into my personal log was in early Jan 2013. I had been doing some walking for a little while before that and had also done the Mayo Clinic 5K programme (which only gets you to running 30 seconds at a time after 7 weeks!!) :) . My first Parkrun was on 11 Jan 2013 and my first C25K run was 10 days later.

Anyway - it all started to get "serious" in Jan 2013 - serious enough that, following advice found on the Internet, I started to keep a log of my runs/workouts. 

Today, the total of all my runs exceeded 2000 klms !!!!  I can't really believe it -- I am not much faster now than when I did my first parkrun. That was around 39 mins - and although I have completed a PB of 29 mins for the 5k at my local parkrun, I prefer to just "take it easy " on most occasions at around 34-35 minutes.  Subsequent 10K and HM "races" have given me results commensurate with a 34 min 5K - so I may be slow but I am VERY consistent!! :)

2000 klms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  - with 6 months to go to my 70th birthday. I will be doing HM and Marathon distance training between now and then - that will bump it along a bit!

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Brilliant Bazza! You're one of the runners on here who really inspires me (there are many!). I want to be consistent aswell, make running part of my routine and still be running when I hit my 70th birthday (which is a few years away!). 2000 km is a long way, and it sounds as if there are a few thousand more coming up!

Bazza1234Graduate10 in reply to JaySeeSkinny

Thanks -- actually 2000klms isn't all that much - an average of around 20K per week. :)

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate10 in reply to Bazza1234

That's still 4x 5km a week! Or if you only run 3x it's over 6 k per run. Sounds OK to me, especially as the earlier runs were probably shorter!


Congralutation and happy klmsiversary. Wishing you lots of klmsiversaries

Oh well done! How far would that take you? Paris? Rome? I have no idea, but what an inspiration! I'm on my sixties and was only thinking yesterday how much longer my running career would be. Are you going to be running marathons in your nineties like that old chap in India??

Bazza1234Graduate10 in reply to Old_trout

) -- IF I could swim a little ( across the Channel) , it would be London to Gibraltar :)  Come to think of it - a 2 year long journey from London to Gibraltar would be a lot of fun!! :)


That is fantastic Bazza! Congratulations and I would say some very impressive numbers there. Not sure many 69 year olds will be reflecting back on such achievements! Go you!!😀

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