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Slightly sore feet/ankles

For the first 6 months or so of this year, I trained using a lot of run/walk intervals - for a HM and 10K. I also did parkrun most weeks doing non-stop running. My mileage rose to around 40 klms per week - one particular longrun/walk took me almost 3.5 hours. Very early in the year I did some running in a cruiseship's gym on a treadmill - and seemed to come away with a mild case of plantar fasciitus?

About a month ago, I decided to do all of my runs non-stop according to a HR plan - most of the runs are done very slowly and easily - but parkrun and one other 45 minute run is done faster. I have built up to 3 hours per week.

BUT- for the first time in 3 years, I am feeling just a little bit of "weakness/discomfort/niggles" in my feet - sometimes in the form of "burning" under the foot ( plantar fasciitus??) , sometimes in the form of ankle "pain". It isn't enough to stop me at this time. BUT---???????? Why now??

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Are your shoes giving you enough padding & support Bazza? That's the only thing I can think of immediately. Or is it the constant running maybe rather than the run/walk?

I'm not sure but keep an eye on it and rest up if needs be. ☺


Rolling a bottle of iced water under your foot helps, also a golf ball. I had a pedicure recently and the therapist told me she felt a tightness in my feet even though she didn't know I ran! Since then, I've been rolling a golf ball under my feet every night and self massaging them...... just in case!

Your question "why now" is one I asked my knee specialist when my knee gave me grief after a few gentle 5K runs and I'd never had it before nor injured it in any way. He said it's a bit like string holding up a picture. The string might get damaged and weaken but it continues to take the weight of the picture, everything looks ok and it could hang like that for years. But eventually the damage gets worse, the string weakens further and the picture eventually falls!

Accumulative damage. Let's hope yours doesn't come to anything that takes you out of running for a while Bazza..

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Dare I suggest......... age.........

An acquaintance of mine with medical training explained to me how tendons are similar to hair, in that they get brittle with age and there is precious little that can be done about it. Seeing as you are at a pretty good level of physical fitness, you have done the best you can to keep your body working at optimum, with good blood flow and I presume, diet.

In your situation, assuming footwear is appropriate, I would ease back the frequency and/ or the intensity of your runs. Plantar fasciitis is difficult to overcome and I have noticed regular sufferers disappear from this forum, presumably because they could not beat it.

The other option is professional advice.......though I suspect they would have to be on their toes to give you advice you did not already know. Take care, Bazza.


I occasionally have slightly stiff/achy ankles the morning after a run - fortunately it never lasts long. Might be worth trying to open your joints after a run - legs swings and circles, knee and ankle circles etc.

After my long run on Sunday I have had pain under the balls of my feet for the first time, not sure what that is about, but I will make sure I wear some different shoes on and off this week (I run with my orthotics). Maybe a foot bath could help too. Hope it gets better rather than worse for you soon.

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Thanks all -- I have MANY pairs of shoes which I rotate through each run - so don't think it is that. Could very definitely be age, or volume or the "non-stop" running. I don't want to stop running (obviously) - still really need /want to keep up the volume ( has everybody seen that "they" have upped the recommended weekly exercise recommendation from 150 minutes to something higher lately) - so may have to revert to run/walk. Time will tell - meanwhile i have to have a rather large Squamous Cell Carcinoma cut out of the back of my right hand on Friday - its a big 'un , about a square inch has to go!!


I get it a bit, stabs of pain in the sole near the heel, and can feel something going on sometimes at the front of the ball of the foot just behind and into the middle toes, but now doesn't affect my runs, sort of learnt to manage it. I keep stretching my feet & toes even when sitting. And carefully stretch the achilles by overhanging my heels on the stairs and of course stretch the calves, it all comes into it.. don't believe that it's down to aging... 😊


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