Not enjoying the IC!

I've been suffering some discomfort on and off in my thigh (ITB/glute, I think)for several weeks.  On 20th March, I ran the North London Half in a slightly disappointing time of 2:20, after I found that the bloody thing had hills!  I was physically ok afterwards, though my feet were sore and my leg ached a bit.  Two weeks later (Sunday before last) I ran the White Horse Half.  My leg was twinging a little beforehand, but I thought it would be ok.  I don't know if it was because I set off too fast, but by about half way, it was getting worse.  The pain spread until it was all round my thigh and up to my hip, making running quite uncomfortable.  I managed to keep going and finish, though I was wondering if I would make it.

Afterwards, I was in serious discomfort.  I visited the osteopath as soon as I could, on Tuesday, and after a great deal of poking about, getting his fingers/thumbs to reach deep into my muscles, he diagnosed the injury as being in my hamstring.  Deep tissue massage (ouch) and some pulling me about, and he suggested a few days rest before starting to run gently again, and plenty of gentle stretches.

So, of course I tried to run with the 401 challenge on Thursday morning, but had to abort.  At a slow, gentle jog it wasn't too bad, but at the pace they set off at, I simply couldn't keep up without pain and the worry I'd simply make it worse.  I helped with the beginners group at the club in the evening, which was fine.  I did parkrun on Saturday, promising myself I wouldn't worry about time, but take it easy. I kept my promise, and actually really enjoyed it, chatting with people as I jogged.

I realised, though, that my leg was being slow to feel better, so I decided on total rest for a few days.  I haven't run since Saturday, and I'm starting to feel a bit stir crazy!  My running records for the last few weeks look pathetic, apart from the two halves.  In 20 days I'm doing the MK half, and I want to be ok for that.


Today it feels an awful lot better.  I'll be running with the beginners again on Thursday evening, and if it feels right, perhaps I'll have a very little outing before then.

I'm not good at being patient, or a patient!

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  • I'm glad it's slowly feeling better. Finger's crossed that you feel up to the MK half!

  • It is hard to ge patient  but rest and recovery is the important thing, building back up gradually will help too. 

    Hope you recovered and able to run your HM :) 

  • Thanks, Rob.  I did venture out today - covered about 5.5k, but didn't run for more than 5 minutes at a time, with 1 minute recovery walks.  No worsening, and in fact, I think it feels a lot better for it!

  • That's great news Steve_L  😊

  • Glad it's improving. Frustrating as it is  - you will have done the right thing.

    Good luck for MK

  • Hmmm  why not rest up instead and give it time to heal properly?  

    I know, nagging again but ..... 😊

  • I'm going to take good care of it, Miss W.  See my reply to Rob above.

  • I sense you are champing at the bit and will be off before you're ready.  

  • Wow two halfs so close together! I saw the signs up for the north London half, but didn't realise you'd be running in it! So sorry to hear you're suffering so much, but rest and slower running sounds like an absolute necessity if you're going to get past this. And maybe some hill training in the future to prevent the same thing happening again?

  • ..and another on May Bank Holiday Monday!  The leg feels much better after today's careful run, so I'm hopeful I'll be back to normal in a couple of days.  Don't really know what caused this injury - probably overuse.  I'll have to step up strengthening exercises!

  • I'm sure your osteo has given you some good advice for strengthening? Good to hear its feeling better already. I do feel like hills are a different ballgame altogether when it comes to running. Your halfway point on the north London HM is where my boyfriend lives, so I sometimes run round there, round Copthall Park, Sunny Hill Park and Arrandene. It takes me 10 minutes longer to do 5k and I've only recently been able to consistently run all the way, not stopping and walking for the steep bits.

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