3 laps of Draycote water this morning. :D

Im visiting the UK for the weekend, staying in Rugby.  For my sunday run I decided to do a couple of laps of Draycote Water, plus a bit, to bring it up to 18km, which is my long run distance this month.  Anyway, when I reached 18km I decided I felt pretty good and decided to complete the lap.  A new record distance for me of 22km which is approximately a half marathon  :D 

Happy Running folks  :)

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  • Wow ! Well done Zev , thats brilliant ! xxx

  • Thanks PoppyPug  :D

  • Well done Zen that is a mighty distance ☺

  • Thanks Rob :)  It was meant to be 18km, but I was half way round Draycote Water, and felt I could easily finish the lap, so I did.  I think I'll stick to 18km for the rest of the month just to be on the safe side.  ;O)

  • Awesome....!

  • Thanks OldFloss, it did come as rather a surprise  :)

  • Wow! What a fantastic distance! Are you training for a race?

  • Thanks :)  No not yet, I'm just gradually increasing the length of my long run on sundays.  This month is meant to be 18km, but Sunday I just felt like I could easily do that little bit more  :)

  • Well done. Brilliant run. You must feel great. 

  • Thanks, yes really pleased with that.  

  • Woo Hoo well done you!!!

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