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My HRM exploded today!!!!

I have been having a lot of success with my new Garmin chest strap type HRM until today. I have mostly been using it to monitor my HR during long slow runs - and force myself to slow down during these.  But I have also used it during a hard 10K "race" very recently and a couple of hard 5K parkruns.

But today - although Autumn has supposedly arrived here and it has cooled down to the low 20's C around 7AM, after around 20 minutes of hardish running at parkrun ( I went out TOO fast!!), my running singlet was absolutely sodden with sweat - and the HRM started to give out ridiculous numbers -- and continued that way for some time.  Put me right off my run really - I did feel like today wasn't my day anyway , but a HRM constantly  telling me that I was about to die didn't help either.   

I think I will have to put this run down today as a 5K Tempo run with 1K tempo intervals. It wasn't meant to be one of those  - but that is what it turned out to be. 

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POOH!! I have just realised why I have had a HRM meltdown - I have seen a picture of myself during the run  and the damned thing had fallen down to not a lot higher than my belly button!!!!  Well maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but it was certainly about 3 inches lower than it should have been!!!!

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Ahhh you see us women have the added benefit of a bra to help keep the strap in place.   Glad you got to the bottom of the problem.   


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