Using a HRM to hold me back

I am quite liking my new Garmin 220 with the latest Gramin soft strap HRM.  I have used other HRM's before - including one which I thought would be good - a Wahoo Tickr , but until now I have had problems with strange and unpredictable readings. So far this Garmin strap has not once shown a weird reading. BUT - I am washing the strap after every use, so I don't know if this is the reason or maybe the strap is simply "better" . One thing I can easily see is that this Garmin strap has two pads on either side of the chest.

I have been a bit surprised at how high my HR gets sometimes - so I have been using the HRM to deliberately hold myself back. I did this is in my recent 10 K "race" - where I held myself back for the first 5K by having the HRM beep at me (loudly) if I went over 145 BPM but then ignored it during the last 5K . I felt that I finished the 10K strongly. Over the weekend I did a similar thing at a local parkrun which I only ever once per year at Easter( it is alongside the ocean) - held myself back for the first half and pulled out the stops for the last half. I finished it in a time 1 minute slower than my PB on this course last year - but I feel better for it. I want to run these distances "strongly" and finish feeling good about it and keen to go onto my next training run - rather than to try for irrelevant (to me) PB's. 

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  • I find the soft strap really comfortable and I have Been using it 1.5 years now and I have to say I've never seen a spike.  So much so I was interested in buying the swimming one (exactly the Same but waterproof) but you have to get another Garmin watch for that so it makes it very expensive.  I'm finding that I recover from my runs so much faster with HRM, that and the fact I'm eating more.  I think my heart rate was higher because I was calorie deficient, since changing my diet and eating more I have lost 5lb and my resting heart rate has come down by 8bpm on rest days.  There is a lot of interesting science that goes into HRM training and I am enjoying that side of it as well as my running. 

  • I didn't realise you could buy a different strap?  I have the one with the sensor in the middle and I do sometimes find it a bit restrictive around the chest even though it's not that tight.

  • The strap is the same the bit in the middle is waterproof so you can swim with it but I think it only works with the Fenix models. 

  • Yes, the Garmin strap is unnoticeable while running, and have only washed it once while using it many times.. Your supposed to unclip the hrm from the strap when washing the strap! I suppose you mean just wiping the monitor sensor over with a damp wipe..😊

  • The instructions that came with my Garmin strap said to rinse it after every use and wash it with detergent after every 7 uses. I had never heard of doing this before - but research on the Internet shows it to be usual.  Of course, I unclip the centre electronics unit before doing so :)

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