I did it!

Completed 10K distance non-stop on Easter Morning. So pleased with myself.

I was aiming for a 50 minute run (as per my 10k program), but I was so close - I just kept going. I'm really chuffed I did it in under an hour too. I think the weather was really on my side - it was a beautiful sunny morning in the Midlands.


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  • Excellent!  Well done  ☺ that's an important milestone.  You can really open up your running now.  Take care though!  This is the point where we can get carried away and do too much.  Go steady ☺

  • Thank you :)

    I don't intend to increase my distance at all yet. Following an injury and an excessive length of time on the IC - I really want to be careful and not end up back there.

    I've signed up for a 10K in July, so I'm happy to stay at this distance until then (....she says! ha ha)

    Do you think around 10K 3-times a week is too much? Should I reduced some runs in length to prevent injury?

  • 3 times a week should be fine.  You don't run 10k each time!  If you have a 10k race in July you could follow a plan which helps as it means you don't do too much running.  A plan would involve short but fast  3k's,  5ks at various paces, hills and 1 k intervals.  A mixed bag in effect 

  • Thanks - where can I find plans/advice for this. (I really don't want to over-do it)

  • runnersworld.co.uk/racing/f...

    You could try a 3-times a week plan along the lines of:

    Monday: intervals, 3-4km max

    Wednesday: long slow run - 10km

    Saturday: ParkRun race pace.

  • thanks for those tips, misswobble & MarkyD - which I may well follow too - I am thinking about the Dauntsey 10K which is also in July, I know I can run the distance but at what speed is quite another matter!!

  • I have a 10k in June and Half Marathon in September.  When I did 10k, I started doing three longer runs (more than 5k I was doing before) and my legs didn't cope.  I have settled into three runs a week: 2 X 5k and a long run.  Gives me recovery time while allowing me to build distance.  I tend to keep doing more and more, it is good for me to stick to 5k (my legs appreciate it too)!

  • I'm not ready yet - but just curious, because I saw in another thread that you didn't like the tempo run plans which half marathon plan did you use? thanks

  • It was one by Zenlabs which was great and as a graduate it takes you into week 9 of the C210k plan.  Quite varied, tempo runs, run-walk sessions.  My legs were not ready for it at that time as I had just graduated and I think a period of recovery and settling was needed, so I started with just 3 X 30 mins, then did a 5k, then went on to 3 X 5k.   Did that for some weeks, 5k is a great distance but still a challenge, all the best with whatever you decide is best for u 😀

  • I use myasics for my plans.  Choose the "easy" plan based on 3 times a week.  The intermediate plans are very, very hard so stick with the easy version, which is still a challenge.  You input accurate answers to their questions and they crunch the numbers and come up with a detailed plan which you can print off.  The good bit though is that it's interactive, and you feed your run results into it from your garmin or whatever and they keep tabs on you and let you know if you need to tweak things.   They will suggest a pace for each run which you can then put in to your watch or app ☺  Even if you get the plan and don't use it, it will still give you a good idea what you need to be doing to achieve your race goal,  which they will give you based on your input.  Having a plan means you don't over run, which is important as you don't want to get injured.

     If I find the plan too hard, I stick with it but just go slower.  You can train a bit slower and save yourself for race day ☺

  • Brilliant, sometimes everything is going so well, why not go a bit further.  A real breakthrough for you, hope your legs recover well too

  • Thank you Joolie :)

  • Fantastic run Sarah - and a really great time! Very speedy! Like others, I tend to do 2x 5k plus 1 x 10k. If I (randomly) decide to do slightly longer 'short' runs then I ease off on the longer run. I also like to have a focus on my short runs ie hill work or a faster road run rather than the trails (which I like best!). Happy running ☺.

  • That's a great time - well done :-)

  • Wel done that is a great pace, sub 60 woah you was flying :) 

  • Brilliant... well done Sarah! First 10k is quite a milestone... and under 1hr is fantastic.

  • Excellent! 50 minutes for 10K is somewhat out of my league, lol! It took me about an hour and a half for my (2nd) 10K achievement - the only way is up, or along, or something! :)

  • Thanks Katjenlou - I'm not sure why I was so speedy on that run.... I think the good weather really helped :)

    Well done for building up to 10K distance too!

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