2nd time around

Ran 2 nd 10k 1st thing this morning , trying to beat the storm and stronger winds , which was a good call as the winds are gusting much stronger now.

This was very much a no frills steady run , the legs getting used to the longer distances now, will do another 10k next Saturday all being well  then after a cut back week look to do 11.5 - 12 the following week, all going To plan so far.

10 miles really doesn't seem scary now , just got to sort out hydration and fuel for these longer ones. 

The time today was 1 hour 9 min's average pace 6:50 per km ,which is ok for me :) 

To top it off now bang on 25% of target for my targot of 750km for the year . Happy happy days :D

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  • Great timing, and well done on the mileage, that's fab!

  • Thanks Laura :) I am very happy with my running so far this year :) 

  • Brilliant Rob ! 

    Well done , take the rest of the day off :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppy :) I will :) xx

    How are things with you not seen you here lately xxxx

  • I've had that cold/ sore throat virus Rob :-( 

    I keep thinking it's gone , but then it comes back .

    Pesky lurgy ! -Pah ! :-) xxx

  • Awww sorry to hear  that poppy 😐 seems to be a lot of it about , hope you are fully recovered soon :D xxxx

  • Thanks Rob xxx

  • Sorry you are still trying to fight off the dreaded lurgy Poppy. I've heard quite a few people say the same thing about it coming back😠.

  • Thanks Sandra xxx it's getting on my flippin' wick now tbh :-) xxx

  • Well done Rob.. great time as well, you should be rightly chuffed with that :-)

  • Hey Andy :) very happy with how it is going this year :)

    I have followed your lead and been concentrating on distance and endurance as it has worked so well for you :) 

    It is working for me now :) putting the miles in :) 

    Maybe there is a HM in me lol 

  • Certainly a HM in you!! Glad you're enjoying putting in those extra miles, I've always enjoyed being "out there" for longer.

    I'm doing another one next Sunday, so tapering a bit for the next week. Although my HM's are pretty slow and not too pretty, I do enjoy having a target to train towards.

  • I am very impressed with your HM's Andy all power to you :D

    Who would have thought it when we started out we would be running these distances :) 

  • Well done Rob, another good run and it sounds like it is all going to plan! Do you have a 10 mile race that you are aiming for?

  • Thanks Sandra :)! No specific 10 mile race just the next goal probably on way to HM distance , Hung to do a10k in June locally with a friend from work :) 

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