5k PB - sub 25 minutes!!! Woohoo

5k PB - sub 25 minutes!!! Woohoo

Inspired by John_Wย  mammoth PB-smashing run yesterday I had another tilt at my 5k time.

This morning was meant to be a hills workout but Lime Green Laura was having a major faff and couldn't get the GPS signal for a good ten minutes which meant I was walking round like a t!t. When she did finally get it together I was so far off my planned start point that I decided to change my route and go for the 5k PB instead.

Gorgeous morning for a run... bright sunshine, hardly any wind and early enough for traffic not to be an issue. First km looks too quick at 4:47.5 but there was a longish decline. Struggled again at the 4km mark and needed a 15 second walk to get my lungs back together but I soon recovered and managed 5:01 for the final km. Strava reckons 24:45 but I'm happy to take 24:50.


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  • Brilliant Simon, brilliant! And you had a 15 second walk?? Some going that. I've no doubt whatsoever that your hill and interval work will see you reach your target before year-end.

    Your struggles at 4km reflect my recurring ones at the 3 and 4km marks. Even yesterday, at 3-5km, it felt really hard, but 5-9km was amazing. I only felt very tired at 9.5km. A lot of people say that 5k is hard - I wonder whether it's to do with being properly warmed up. I think when I attempt a proper 5k PB in a few weeks, I'll try and do a more effective warm up. My routine is either a fast walk towards my start/finish line or a light jog over same distance. My try some very short sprints. Dunno! What do you think?

  • Strides they're called (so I've heard). Never done them myself. What I do is a mixture of a brisk walk, walking lunges, high knees and heel-to-bum jogging - I'm sure some of those have proper names! It seems to do the trick so far though I'm sure it looks very silly.

  • Oh my word! That is fantastic Simon - well done! I found it really warm out today (see my post๐Ÿ˜ฎ)ย 

  • Wow thats an amazing time!๐Ÿ˜Š

  • WOW! I'm in awe. If you doing mind me asking, how long ago since you broke 30?

  • That was on 26th Nov 2015 when I did 29:14.5 (gotta love a spreadsheet!). Sadly I don't have the weather conditions for the day! I had graduated from C25K two weeks prior to that.

  • I *love* a spreadsheet ;-)

  • Speedy Simon! Fab time. Well done.

  • Brilliant run. It's so good to go below 25 mins . well done indeed. Such a good run.!!ย 

  • Wow, amazing!!! Well done.

  • Cor ! That's some seriously fast time , amazing !ย 

    Congratulations Racing Snake Simon :-) xxx

  • Woo Hoo that's amazing, what a fantastic time!!!! ๐Ÿ†

  • thats a really good time...and on a flat course on a good day you'll knock even more off.

  • Fantastic time, congratulations!!

  • Wow!ย  Accept?ย  I certainly would!ย  Well done - that's a great time :)

  • That's phenomenal - well done!

  • Got my 5k PB down to 23:27 now. Gunning for sub 23 before the end of the year...

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