A New PB for my 5K and a Question

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all well. I had a great Easter weekend, with my first 10k and a PB for my 5k on Easter Monday, of 32 mins 13 seconds. I was chuffed to bits!

Well I went out for another 5k this morning and couldn't believe it, I did better again! 31 mins 39 seconds! I never thought I'd get under 32 minutes so I'm really, really pleased. (I'm very short with little legs so it's quite an achievement!)

As per C25K, I always leave a rest day in between runs. But the weather is so nice at the moment and I'm free tomorrow morning, that I was thinking of heading down to my local Park Run. What do you all think? Is it too much and am I risking injury if I run 5k two days in a row??

Thanks everyone and happy running :-)

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  • Oh this question was asked a few days ago on C25K (I think it was to do with the weather over Easter). The general opinion was it would be fine to run two consecutive days on the odd occasion, but be careful and listen to your body. Sorry I can't remember who posted it.

  • Thanks v much. I did wonder if it would be okay- I never do it normally... I guess I'll just see how I feel in the morning and if I feel like I could do it, then it might be okay to go, and just to take it slowly... I'll have a look on C25K forum for further thoughts!

  • I will confess that after seeing the responses saying it would be fine, I ran two days in a row. The second day was harder work than normal but no ill effects and recovered as normal.

  • I agree, if you think you feel recovered enough, then occasionally it should be ok! Enjoy!

  • Go for it , you should be fine but maybe not push it , occasional back to back runs are ok 

    Rest days are just as important  for recovery :) 

    I agree the good weather is so tempting , I restrained today and just walked as I am doing 10k tomorrow.  

    Have fun and enjoy :)

  • Great work on the PB and 10k - I know how you feel after a similar week.

    Interesting and timely post. I ran a 5k PB yesterday lunchtime - it was fast and it was hard. But... I didn't feel anywhere near as tired afterwards that afternoon as I've previously done.

    So this morning I did a very gentle 6k on the treadmill and it was very enjoyable. I've not really done that before.

    Just remember that parkruns are there every weekend . As above, if you feel OK, go for it.


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