First goal of 2016 done!! (10K)

First goal of 2016 done!! (10K)

Enjoyed my 10K run last night at the University of Queensland. I ran strictly to some set Heart Rate numbers for this event. According to the medicos, at my age my max HR should be around 150 but I have previously measured it to be around 160 (at the end of a hard 5K run) and have worked with that number. I am pleased that I was able to finish strongly over the last one Klm and discovered a NEW max HR number of 167!!! So I managed to run the final KLm ( around 6 minutes) at 100% or my previous maxHR, but which now appears to be in reality at around 95% maxHR!!-- this for me is VERY GOOD!!!!

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  • Congratulations Bazza! Very exciting! I have my first 10k in a few weeks too!☺

  • I have actually done this very race once before last year - this year I have goals to run 10K, HM and full marathon goals ( don't know about that last one though!! ) :)

    This 10K is an annual late summer "twilight" event - but last year it rained in torrents and was basically run in full darkness. I received a time for it which I believed was incorrect (much too fast) - and wanted to do it again . This race produced a more believable result!! :) It was a long story about why I believe the time of last years race was incorrect (time was published on the results webpage 24 hours after everybody elses and it had no 5K split time at all. )

    Now I am happy to have a 10K result that I can work on!! :)

  • Great time and stats. I can only dream of being able to run and have that low heart rate but I am working on it. My max heart rate is 188 so a bit above yours.

  • Great Bazza! Very strong!😉

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