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I'm BACK!!!

-- after a mammoth 46 day cruise of the Indian Ocean -- Singapore, Phuket, Chenai ( Madras) India , Colombo Sri Lanka, Seychelles islands , Maldives Islands, Maputo Mozambique, Richards Bay South Africa, 3 days in Capetown SA, Port Elizabeth SA, Durban, SA, Reunion Island ( part of the French Republic) , Mauritious - and I forgot to add - 30 full days at sea!!!

Runningwise, I managed to get in quite a few runs - about 20 in all - for the first 3 weeks I used my HR monitor while running on the treadmill in the gym, but I started to get a sore left foot ( have never ever had any kind of "injury" before-- internet research seemed to indicate plantar faciitious???) so I reverted to running around the outer deck of the ship ( which wasn't particularly successful) , also did a few 2 hour long walks . Did a leisurely parkrun in Capetown which I did in 33 minutes - - not bad considering I didn't know the course and just "followed" -- I came in 183 out of 730 on an age graded basis!! :)

So here I am - tired, put on 3-4 KG!!!, not feeling very "enthusiastic" -- got a 10k "race" in 4 weeks time , a HM in July (18 weeks ) - and am looking at a 35 K fun run and perhaps even a marathon during the 6 months after that.

I noticed that whenever I told anybody about my parkrun in Capetown , they immediately asked me how I went and what time I did it in!!! :( ( not that they would know what times 5000 metres are run in - or can even imagine themselves even walking 5K!!!). Without becoming something of a sermon preacher, I found it very difficult to tell them it doesn't matter what time I ran it in - just that I started in it and finished it!! - and my age automatically will put me towards the end of the runners (actually 434 out of 730 across the line) !!! I think from now on I will tell them 19 minutes whenever I am asked this question again!!! :) Would it be too much to say 18 minutes??? :)

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Welcome Back Bazz !

What a fantastic adventure !

Glad to hear you've had an amazing time !

We have missed you ! :-) xxx


Welcome back and I think you should go for 18 minutes!


Tell people half whatever the world record is!


17 minutes! Go for it, be ambitious ! Welcome back Bazzer


Sounds fab! Welcome back - had to laugh at the idea if a 35k 'fun' run!!! Not sure the day will ever come when 35k could be called fun by me!... but who knows?!☺


Yay welcome back Bazza we missed you!

Sod the lot of them, ask how quickly they could do it in then half it, at least!



Welcome back. Sounds like a great time was had, for the most part. A cruise that long and only 3-4kgs added that's good going. 18 minutes sounds good to me 👍 I'm sure you'd get away with it.


That sounds like a fab holiday. If someone asks you what time you did parkrun in you could always ask "well what time do you think YOU'D do it in?". Then wait for the answer. Welcome back Bazza.

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Welcome back. Well done for keeping on top of the running and great to hear about Parkrun tourism.

I have to say, I don't mind people that don't run asking me about times as I think they have an excuse for being misguided and it's better than the "why do you run" blank stare response. I'm much more irritated by those who should know better .......

A man at work was telling me he liked to cycle as he's "rubbish at running". He proceeded to tell me he'd only ever done one Parkrun, which he'd "shuffled around in about 18 minutes." Knowing he was trying to wind me up, I advised him to up his game or my son would be beating him before he was in secondary school!


Welcome back, I was wondering where you had got to. Forgot the cruise.

I can still only dream of a 33 min 5k. Sigh.

Sounds like you had a good time on holiday. Good luck with the upcoming races.


what a trip, it sounds fabulous......well done on all the runs, and i would definately say 18 ;)


Great to see you back bazza :)

What an amazing adventure :)

18 mins? Hmmmm 28 would be blooming great :)


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