Fond memories

Fond memories

I have been absent for a few weeks due to erratic internet access while I was in NZ. However, I arrived back in the UK ten days ago and am looking forward to exchanging running highs and lows with all you lovely peeps once more. The photo is of my last high (three weeks ago now) when I was running along a deserted beach in Ohope, Bay of Plenty and feeling in tune with the world. The low was yesterday, when I ran 18K through grey cold drizzle and squelching mud to record a PW (personal worst) time per K which I dare not even divulge to you. Today I can barely walk and the prospect of my HM in three weeks time fills me with terror- not terror of not finishing, but of becoming a laughing stock, or worse, an object of pity- as I hobble through the finish an hour after everyone else.

I went for my first Pilates lesson today and the trainer informed me that far from being the exemplary physical specimen I imagined myself to be, I have a twisted spine, a dropped hip, spurs on my shoulder blades and extreme hyperflexion -'Which means ' he sadly informed me 'That your body is better suited to dancing than to running'. What a pity I have no sense of rhythm.

He wants me to see an osteopath and while between them, he feels they will be able to help me overcome, or at least cope, with my limitations, it is very unlikely this will be in time to avoid humiliation in the Bath half marathon.

So all in all not a good weekend. Never mind.Just looking at that beautiful beach still brings a smile to my lips. Running is about more than mere speed. New Zealand finally taught me to believe that!

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  • Hey turnturtle!you can overcome this! I remember you having a downer on yourself before so re-read your post below .....

    and remember how well you did on that 10miler last year and how you surprised yourself. Sure you have found out some ailments which make it more difficult maybe but you WILL sort them out and carry on your running career. And it's not like you haven't been keeping up with your training in NZ you've done brilliantly. I have loads of faith in you and it's lovely to see you back. I'm sure the running gods have you in their sights and your fear of humiliation is unfounded. Big hugs x

  • That is amazing Aliboo. Thank you so much for the link.I have no recollection at all of writing that post last year but it was immensely reassuring to read it! To be fair I was still jet-lagged and not sleeping properly in the lead up to yesterday's run so maybe it was a one-off. With hindsight, I don't suppose running a Park Run less than 24 hours after stepping off the long haul flight was a good idea either. Maybe my body is talking to me and i should start listening!

  • Blimey parkrun after that time?bet you were shattered!you set yourself very high targets, (a family trait??!!!) and if you've not been sleeping well its bound to have an effect. I find its really good to look back at your own posts sometimes and look at the ups and downs. Like you I can be very self doubting and hard on myself, it's definitely true that alot of running is in the mind, I've suffered from depression badly and am determined not to be sucked back down there and the running helps alot! Not saying that is you, just that everyone is different and i for 1 really admire your determination, i wish i can continue to keep healthy and achieve stuff just like you are! Go TT! Bet your next run will be easier after more R and R x šŸ˜†

  • Well we stayed with my Ironman son in London for the Friday night after landing at Heathrow so guess whose suggestion the ParkRun was? And I just have to pick up every gauntlet thrown at my feet as you obviously recognise! I've known depression too and have discovered that running (especially in the sun!) is an excellent way of self-medicating. It has given me a lot of self confidence and helped me to live in the moment instead of constantly fretting about the past or future which I did for years. It's hard to explain all that to normal people who ask me why I run, but other runners understand! Thank you for your good wishes Aliboo. I'll try not to let you down!

  • Don't underestimate the power of jet lag to throw a wrench in your running. Once you're sleeping better you'll be running better. Just getting out the door is an achievement when your sleep is so messed up, be pleased you completed the distance and don't give any thought to the pace.

  • I am crossing my fingers that jet lag was to blame and not my crocked body! Easy week for me this week I think,

  • What a truly beautiful photo! How lucky to run in such a location! How lucky to run!...and as you say, it's not just about speed; it is the personal challenge and the journey and the confidence and the beauty of the world around us and does it really matter if you have a dropped hip, spurs on your shoulder blades blah blah blah! can run and you will be just fine!šŸ™‚

  • Absolutely Sandra. Running is such a great way to really get the feel of other countries. I will never again travel anywhere without packing running shoes in my bag !

  • Welcome back to Blighty TT !

    In spite of all your "ailments " you have been doing amazingly well !

    You certainly won't suffer "humiliation " in your HM, that's for sure !

    Lovely photo and lots of precious memories to treasure xxxx

  • Nice to catch up with you PP. drunk with elation after my jet lagged Park Rum I signed up for the Leeds HM in May. See you there?

  • Ha ha ! There's no stopping you is there ? :-).

    I'm doing the GMR in May , maybe next year ? :-) xxx

  • Wow, look at that beach! And not to be personal, but you look to me as if your running 'form' is pretty good :) Put your doubts down to jet lag, don't worry too much about what the Pilates trainer says, and just go and run the HM and see what happens :) And welcome back x

  • Don't set too much store by your pilates trainer, they may know quite a bit but they are not medically trained as such. He may indeed be right, but you CAN run can't you? By all means see an osteopath if you want to, but be prepared to seek second opinions. I have scoliosis and a herniated disc, I was told I would be in a wheel chair by the age of 16...I never took any notice and have always done exactly what I wanted. My disc "sIips" once or twice a year, but it goes back, and exercise will build the surrounding muscles and support them. I know you have determination and that has got you this far...

  • Scoliosis! That's what he said it was. And all this time I just thought that one leg was simply longer than the other! Just the advice needed. I'll show HIM! Thanks CG xx

  • So, you've reached your age without even being aware you have a curvature? I don't know if you can see this, but this is mine....

  • No sorry CG but I can't see it. Perhaps as well, as it might frighten me. Teacher man asked me to search my dark past to see if a trauma might have caused it and I came up with a fall in 1969 when a horse reared over backwards and fell on me and cracked a vertebra. His little face lit up like Sherlock Holmes when I told him that. Elementary my dear Pamela! So for the past forty five years he believes my body has been trying to compensate for the damage done that day. Oh well. At least it has given me an excuse for my limitations as a runner!

  • What limitations? I don't see you as limited at all...I fell off a space hopper when I was 12..I deal with life as it is, I have a limitation, but I work with what I have. I'm proud of what I've achieved with my wonky back, you should be too!

  • A space hopper! That dates you all right CG! To be fair I don't think he was trying to put me off. He regards me as a challenge and he is going to draw up a set of exercises which might help me improve my speed. I don't feel he wrote me off. In fact I feel quite happy to have discovered that there might be another reason other than sheer old age that is slowing me down. And it might be a limitation I can actually do something about! ! I'm off for a run now. Can't keep an old lady down!

  • Also, it's almost like doctors are frightened of "allowing" patients to do stuff that might, just might, possibly be harmful. I saw the doc last year about the bony lump on my foot where my shoes rubbed, it's just how my foot is made, but I was told to stop running...I stretched the shoes with stretcher spray and an egg cup....I think my back is better for running, I've just had a "slip" but it's the first since I started running nearly 2 years ago. You know better than anyone else what suits you

  • Me again! You need to speak to Tomas, he was injured last year but he didn't give up on his marathon, he adapted...please don't let one instructor put you off your goal, I know how hard you've worked towards it...

  • I don't think there is a person alive of "our" age group who doesn't have some degree of scoliosis!!!!

  • Its okay. I am quite prepared to let you win the 'Who's the Most decrepit stakes' Bazza.

  • "Cope with your limitations!" TT don't let the medics at you til after your HM!

    You'll be fine. Don't let young whipper-snappers make you feel like an old biddy! You have proved your body is more than capable. So, it's tough! We know that, and it takes us longer to recover, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't do it, or that we're too decrepit. We manage to do all the other stuff in our lives without even thinking about it, so I don't think running/horse riding blah blah should be any different. I have no sense of rhythm either, can't dance for nuts, but I absolutely love doing it. I'll be the first on the dance floor giving it large. Just cos I can't doesn't mean I won't or shouldn't. Footloose! dah dah dah dah dah ..

    Some of these trainers yer know are body-building types and they don't like running as it makes folks too thin, and they don't like that. For some of them it's about the physique and the practice. Eating stupidly to preserve the perfect body, rather than fuelling for marathons etc like wot we do (well, you, should I say, ahem!)

    You're feeling a bit jet-lagged and missing NZ and your folks but you'll soon settle back into the good old Yorkshire mizzle and you'll be fine.

    Get your shoes back on and get cracking x

  • Thanks Misswobble. I'm feeling more positive now. He suggested if dancing wasnt on the cards then my extra bendy hyperflexed body was ideally suited to rowing.Where one door closes another one opens! I've still got my foot wedged in the running door but we'll see, After the Berlin marathon I may be up for fresh challenges!

  • So - you went to some "specialist" Pilates person and he /she told you that you were a wreck and needed all kinds of things done to you!!!! Have you been to a Dentist lately??? Or ever been to a Dentist that didn't say that your teeth needed all kinds of work done to them -- or a running shoe shop/ podiatrist that didn't say that your running gait was all wrong and you need these expensive shoes or inserts.

    PHOEEY!!!! My old mum said that you can't turn a pig's ear into a silk purse!!! - and, I don't know about you, but I am definitely closer to a pig's ear than a silk purse!!! :)

    Forget them - and just get out there and MOVE!!!!! :)

  • The thing is Barrie, I enrolled because people had recommended Pilates as a gentle (ish) way of strength training. I imagined he would give me some exercises to strengthen this mystical 'core' people talk about. I never expected the Spanish Inquisition ;-(

    Hopefully, next session he will actually give me something to do instead of telling me what I shouldn't be doing!

  • I'm always blown away at your achievements. I'm virtually half your age and I'm in awe of the distances you've covered. One way or another, you're going to do it. Take care of yourself but show ' what you are capable of ā˜ŗ

  • Aw go-on, I am both amazed and touched! I did a gentle, dog-running 6Ks today and despite mysore legs from the weekend long run,didn't find it too hard. I must remember my new mantra,' as long as I finish there is no disgrace!'

  • Similar to mine "The miracle is not that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."

  • Limitations!!! You're a marvel and inspire me. In Auckland right now - goodness it's hilly. Going downhill scares me at times and does nothing for my knees. Some lovely runs away from here tho. Good luck with the training.

  • Oh enjoy Auckland. There's a Parkrun there. And there are flat bits if you look hard enough. And of course there's always the nearby beaches . Have you moved on now or are you staying awhile?

  • Just back from parkrun in Cornwall Park - lovely surroundings. Had some good runs along the water's edge at Lake Taupo and Rotorua. Coromandel next. Round the Bays next weekend then sadly home. All going by too fast!!

  • Ooh. You need longer. How lovely. If you ran Taupo's edge our feet will have covered the same tracks! Did you see the black swans? If you have time in Bay of Plenty run on Ohope Beach (and also dig for pipis on the shoreline at low tide and collect some of the beautiful shells that wash up there) I am with you in spirit! x

  • Nowhere near long enough. The past 3 weeks have flown by. We are still retracing old footsteps. Bit of a tropical downpour just now. Hope you are recovering from the jetlag. Will think of you as I run. x

  • Jetlag per se is better but think my current lurgies may be a follow-on. Worth the suffering though ;-)

  • How on Earth did I miss this post, TT?

    You have no limitations, you're Ironman's Mum!! Hope you've caught up on your sleep now and you're feeling much more confident. You can do whatever you want Mrs, and don't ever forget it xx

  • Oh AM Thank you. I have caught up on my sleep and was feeling a lot more confident until the dreaded diverticulitis struck again three days ago. If it's not one thing, it's another... Never mind, if this bout follows the usual pattern I'll be over it by the day after tomorrow and ready to go again. I know I won't have lost much fitness in five days, so will just have to cope with the missed training as best I can. At least it'll give me another excuse in case I need one. x

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