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I love running in the rain/cold...I've noticed very many posts about not liking the bad weather and sticking to the gym/treadmill. Now I know I am weird (get told often enough!) but I find the rain cools me down and the cold is - well - invigorating? I'm not averse to a bit of mud either and the few frosty evenings have been great. A couple of years ago I used to run in the gym whilst watching tv on the machine but there really is no comparison. All the noise from others thudding away next to you, the god-awful music they play in the gym, the ghastly changing rooms.... As well as the eye-watering monthly fee which makes you feel guilty every time you don't go- I could go on but you get the picture.

Now I'm running with my dog (much better behaved!) through the mud, jumping over the bigger puddles, getting twigs stuck in my hair and yes, face-planting a couple of times. i love getting home after a run and mapping the route, having a bath, feeling smug - wouldn't mind if I never saw the inside of a gym again tbh.

Am sure running in the summer will be great - only graduated in December so something to look forward to 😎

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  • Totally agree with you shinyhappy! I love the wind, rain, mud and cold and have already found myself thinking how much I will miss winter (although it has been a pretty mild one). Have not been near a gym for years either! Here's to the great outdoors and all it can throw at us!

  • Sometimes I run along the prom where I live and I can see all the gym bunnies pounding the treadmills and I think they are missing the great outdoors! We don't melt in the rain and it's so invigorating. Outdoors is free and it's our gym!!

  • Totally agree! In an earlier life (which I'm getting back slowly) when I ran more, I soon discovered that I am a winter runner. I stay cooler, there are fewer people around and it is such a good feeling getting back home, soaking wet, red-cheeked and totally happy. Even when it's snowy and slippery I find it easier to run than walk. Never once slipped (fell once jumping over a heap of snow and miscalculating the height). I've never joined a gymn, I know I wouldn't go. The cross-trainer I've got at home is just so boring, constantly looking at the display to see how long I still have to go. Even with music, or watching TV. It's so much more fun outside - even when I overlook a puddle and put my foot slap, bang in the deepest bit and feel the cold water squelching into my trainers. Love it!

  • I love weather and being outside in it!

  • All so true... Something very liberating about getting muddy and having grazed knees at 54 (and a half). I fell over on the path A couple of weeks ago, landed very gracefully in a puddle ha ha. And my run today was mud-tastic. Love it πŸ€—

  • It's just the wind I hate. It whips across the big wide fields here and smacks you in the face!

  • This is one of the things I love about living in England, the weather plus changing seasons. When I feel hot, the rain is so cool and refreshing and then out comes the sunshine! Julie

  • I really agree with you. I much prefer running in the winter to the summer. It's like you say, cool and invigorating. I don't enjoy running in the summer because I always overheat x

  • I am so with you there!! I love the cold and wet and wild weather. I run on trails and yesturday I did 10 miles. It was wet, windy and cold but I loved it. Only downside was that I was tired and found the hills hard going... I am a member of the gym. I joined last year as my son was desperate to join and at the time i had an injury. It filled a gap to keep me up cardiovascular- wise but I dont use the treadmill ( I cant) and tend to just go once or twice a week inbetween running. Outdoors wins for me anytime, whatever the weather!

  • I think I might get shot, but I enjoy both. I find I can't pace myself so I try to go the gym twice a month.

    I am really enjoying our local Parkrun with the mild winter weather we having. There is a lot to be said about returning home from a run, very invigorating!

    Happy running πŸ‘Ÿ

  • Yes, me too! I love the rain, and yes, the cold is invigorating! Last summer in France we had a massive heat wave, temps in the high thirties C for 3 months or more - I can tell you cold and rain is far preferable!

  • I love the rain as long as its not really heavy ! I don't mind the cold as layers help and I soon warm up but very strong wind is a no no for me its just no fun and I want my hobby to be FUN ! (I do live at the coast so no shelter from the strong wind) ;)

  • I definitely prefer the colder weather for running. Much as I lover the summer I find running when it's hot and particularly when it's humid hard going. A colleague of mine has entered a marathon later in the year based on her wish to do most of her training for it in the summer - I think that's crazy. I'm hoping to do a half marathon in May and I chose that date because most of the training would be in the cold. Different strokes for different folks right? I tried the treadmill a few weeks ago - that is not for me. Boring!!

  • Another vote for cold running here (and, wet/windy). Just love being out of doors.

  • Definately have to agree, running in all weathers is invigorating, refreshing and more demanding so you feel you have pushed your self a bit and worked hard. And then to jump into a lovely hot shower afterwards and the smug feeling you get is hard to beat.

  • Am still sitting at work, looking at the clock and thinking about running later on - getting dark, feeling nippy and wind's brewing up! perfick

  • Got home from work, got changed, fed the cats and out for a trot - boy was it cold with a head wind on the way out. Silly me went out without a hat (I've got very short hair) so my ears were so cold they were burning. I did have gloves and it was a good 3k before my fingers felt warm. First time this year in long tights, it's been capris until tonight. Still came home smiling though!

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