Aborted run: disaster averted, lesson learnt!

Set out on my long run this morning, hoping to do at least 8k at about 6mins/km. Everything going well until about 3-4km when I started to get a call of nature. I carried on but by 5km it was getting more frequent and more urgent until I had to stop running to avoid any disasters!!! Thankfully I made it to a hotel in town (about the only place open at that time) and got to the toilet just in time.

It was definitely the worst experience whilst out running yet... Mud, rain, wind, cold, discomfort and pain all have nothing on this morning's unpleasantness!

Lesson learnt!

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  • I have had that before, maybe a urine infection? Hope you will soon b back on track πŸ˜•

  • No... definitely not a urine infection.

  • I think we've all been there, not that particular hotel though. LOL. Could you imagine that! No, best not.

    You get all the gear on then can't be bothered to go to the loo AGAIN, so risk it. Sometimes it's ok, sometimes ........

  • I had a similar terrifying call of nature on Boxing Day. The only place open was the bookies in a local town (with which I'm not very familiar). I was running around the centre looking for anywhere to go and asked a woman walking by where the toilets in the centre were and she told me that the public ones were closed and to go to the bookies. As a woman it's not a place I would usually go to and certainly wouldn't have known that they had a loo. Thank god for Ladrokes; I don't think many people would say that 😭.

    As my distances are increasing (up to 12.3k on Friday) it's something I'm definitely more conscious of and I take note of possible toilet stops.

  • I have had a couple of close calls with nature but few and far between. Thankfully I am usually ok but it is horrible to feel desperate to wee even though I always go before I go out to run, not sure why that happens but think it is a common problem but not often talked about

  • It was the call of nature that requires ALL of us to sit down.

  • Simon, Lesson learn! Morning runs need to be planned for. Been there. Now I always make sure my plumbing is sorted for a run one way or another. Before the fact or after the fact.

  • It is the worst! Especially when your guts start rumbling on a long run....On my first 18km run the last km was the fastest as I was so desperate to get home! Unfortunately it is difficult to plan for.

  • #2 ?!!!!

  • Richard the 3rd?

    I experienced this too, not pleasant... healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

  • Oh no, not the dreaded runners runnies!!

  • That's why I'm glad I'm a country runner! Also the reason I take an Imodium or similar when I run HMs

  • I sympathise Simon, I had this once after eating too many dried apricots !

    I nearly wrenched my front door off the hinges in the rush to get back in to the loo !

    Ha ha ! :-D xxx

  • I've been experimenting with different gels. I did a long run yesterday and the same thing happened to me. I am now sure which gels I can't use. I have a HM coming up and some long training runs - definitely gonna look at Imodium.

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