Jelly Babies to the rescue?

Jelly Babies to the rescue?

Today I completed my very first 8k run, I'm happy,happy,happy! The photo shows a flat part of my route. There are some BIG hills too but if I'm running a loop then for every up hill there is a down hill -right? This is my 'treat yourself' route quite a drive away but who wouldn't want to run here? My home area is hills hills hills so this route is a bit of payback time .👍🏼

My first 10k is scheduled for 5th March, a week or so before my 60th birthday. It's a birthday treat to myself😳🙄 I'm pretty sure I can do the 10k distance now, slow and steady but building nicely.

My question is this: after about 7k this morning I really noticed my energy level dipped. I carried on but any further than 8k would have been really really snails pace if at all. I seem to recall someone mentioned jelly babies give an energy lift. Given I had eaten good carbs etc last night, then my porridge and half banana and plenty of water early morning I think I had prepped well for the run. Is it likely I need to be thinking of a mid race energy boost and if so, are jelly babies the way forward?

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  • Even if they are not.. I would take them, they are one of the few sweets that I still would like to eat :)

    Go you.. well on the way.. and I am sure, there will be loads of folk to give you tips on energy levels for 10K runs... :)

  • Good idea Floss, I will open the bag I had at Christmas right now........

    I'm doing the Ashbourne 10. On the Tissington Trail. Up hill slightly for 5k, then 5k downhill back in is my understanding. I'm assured the incline is not too bad...........

  • tee hee..I know that area well..err..not sure on the incline bit! You cannot be that far from me..?

  • I thought you were that way on. Is it a big hill? Oh no, I may have to rethink eeeekkkk. We are in staffs but just outside Derby

  • huge hills..but there are some longish bits..longer ish than steep..I cycle there and you will be are not too far away..we may have to find a park run somwhere in between the two of us🙂

    You will do great!😃

  • Lucky i run hills then! Yes a parkrun would be good, but i am v slow 😩😩

  • We can be slow together..( Don't forget I am an ancient snail) :) I shall keep my eyes open.. there may be some N Trust ones later this year too.. maybe ?

    You will be brilliant! The advantage of running up hills regularly does help.. I have been pushing small one up lots of hills, my legs are really strong! The rest of me need to catch up though! :)

  • What a great pic. Looks a fab place to run..

    8k? I'd break out the jellybabies anyway! 😀

  • How is your running going McFitty? I am so slow i may have to partake of a picnic lunch on the way at this rate! Teehee

  • I am, and probably always will be the company tortoise! My runs are slow and usually short. I console myself with the fact that I make a great tail runner😁

  • Let us not forget that a slow 3k is as far as a fast 3k McFitty. If you are running thats all that matter!

    You are also our resident party organiser too, dont know where we would be without your pompoms, banners, balloons xxxx

  • Well done for doing 8k and best of luck with the race in March. Not sure about jelly babies - not my favourite!

  • You don't mention water on the run. Are you bringing water? If not, then that is more likely to be culprit than sugar. You need regular water when running.

    While any kind of sweet food makes your brain go "oh wow, sugar, wow now I am totally refreshed and eager to go" the rest of the body spends an hour to turn the sugar into energy that will actually move your legs. So for 8 km or 10 km it is a mental thing rather than a physiological, but that certainly shouldn't stop you fuelling.

    Another observation. It's too late to recover once you feel knackered. So if further than 8 km is "really at snail's pace if at all", then you need to think about water/food/rest/recovery/slower well before you get to the 8 km point. A 60 or 90 second break before you're worn out gives you more benefit than a 3 minute break when you're already over tired.

    Good luck with the 10 km, you can do it! :)

  • Very clearly put Tomas. I tried jelly babies once, and you're right they don't do anything immediately.

  • If your well hydrated and eaten hours before the start you shouldn't need anything on a 10k! It's not hot weather either, so shouldn't need water!

  • I agree, hydration is the most important thing. I know if I feel tired generally drinking a glass of water really helps. Mind you, I don't tend to take any water with me on a run but then we're all different with different needs

  • I don't refuel on a 10k runs and at this time of year don't take water. If it's warmer then I do carry water. We are all different though and I guess it's about finding what works for you. If you fancy a jelly baby, it won't do you any harm!!🙂🙂

  • Thanks all! I do carry water but dont usually drink it! So that may help. When i did 7k last week I felt i could go for much longer, felt better than i did this week. Maybe i just had a bad run...... but will take on board the hydration comments.

  • Well done Jacs ! That 10k is well within your reach now :-)

    In this weather I don't take water , but come spring I take it on all runs , just for a sip as a proper glug makes me feel queasy . I tend to take a protein bar chopped up into tiny chunks and some raisins and have them at 5k intervals on my longer runs .

    You will find a way that suits as you progress .

    Lovely pic , that looks a really great place to run . We are so lucky aren't we ? :-) xxx

  • Ooooo good one Pops, I will give that a go! The thing is I am so slow my 8k takes an hour. Plus i am still carrying far too much weight which saps my energy on long runs Im sure. Ive lost a stone but need a couple more off😩

  • It doesn't matter if it takes you an hour Jacs, its still 8k isn't it ? :-)

    Well done on the weight loss too ! :-) xxx

  • That's fab Jacs! If you can do 8K then you can definitely do the 10. I agree with some of the other responses about water. Make sure you're well hydrated before you go as your food intake is good.

    You shouldn't need anything to eat for 10K but if jelly babies work for you then go for it. I must say I never liked them for longer runs. Much prefer dates. Good luck and I now can't wait for your race report!

  • Thanks IP, I will post after the race but a few weeks to go yet x

  • I have a marathon training friend who talks about jelly babies - if it's good enough for marathoners...

    Yay! 8k- well done! It's brilliant when we break our own records; such a boost.

  • My 7km takes me an hour so well done. It sounds like you are in the cusp of needing something more. It's all a personal thing. I take water or a mix of orange juice/water with 1/2 tsp salt for 10km in summer, just water for 10km in winter then I take edible fuel for over 10km and start eating at 7.5km. My preferred choice is dried mango. I buy the mini packets from sainsbury, probably lots more expensive but then I have a clean packet to take out . 1 packet for 10- 15 km and one for 16-21.1 and my finish. So 2 for a HM. The orange juice/water with salt covers carbs and hydration and electrolytes. I could go up to 12km on just that. Have a play around with things and see what works for you, again well done On your 8km.

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