Bridge to 10K

Back in the game 😀

Back in the game 😀

I was so excited to have reached 10k and even managed a 13k run. However, after a run where I was on very uneven ground, I developed a pain either at the top of my shin or in the knee. Decided to rest from running for a week (and still did some cycling and even went for a swim) but very worried that this was going to be a disaster.

Went for a 5km slow run today in the woods so the ground was pretty soft. Legs felt good on the run itself and great afterwards, so hoping I can do another 5k on Wednesday and Friday and then get back into my once a week long run routine.

Lesson learnt, I need to consider whether having fun running through the undergrowth is actually worth it LOL!

Have you ever had pains in the legs and what did you do to solve it!!??

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When I first started trail running I had all manner of problems as my ankles and balance had to adjust and improve!!. I think strengthening exercises are key and I am so glad that you managed to get out and the pain had eased....

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