I'm back in the game!

So after a long 10 days of no running after falling off a kerb and jarring my back I am back in the running game. My goodness I was miserable without going out running and hobbling about. But today I was on a day off, the children in school, dog walked and good weather conditions so what could stop me! I decided to do my new 8k route which I could cut short if needed. I went out slow and steady to start and my back was good. I did a faster pace than my usual 10min mile without realising and clocked a new 5k pb of 30.14. I was comfortable to 4 miles and felt more tired for the last mile so slowed a little but I did my 5miles/8k in 50.06. I am very happy today and this is what I run for!

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  • One happy bunny😊Yay for your back being okay and double Yay for a pb! !!

  • Brilliant run, well done, you are definitely back yippee!

  • Fab stuff and good times too 😊

  • Go you!

    Not just back from the back jarring but back with a vengeance... Very well done.. :)

    Slow and steady is the way..especially after injury and injury couch... I am heading slowly back up to speed.. or rather not speed but back to normal form.:)

    Hoping for a 5K on Sunday and then we will see if I can move on again to get back to where I was :)

    I am so impressed! Well done you!

  • I was aiming for slow and steady and rather than check my gps watch, I thought I would feel it. I guess my legs were fresh though as I haven't run for a bit. I didn't push a 9k or 10k just yet. I think I have parkrun on Saturday so that will be fun to see how my recovery is by then. Good to see you getting back into it too!

  • Well done on a new PB! They often come when we least expect them!

  • That's great news and one to remember! Glad things are going so well and keep it going! :-D

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