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Stepping stones - given it a go

Thanks to simonwilliamstutors posts, I've just tried this for the first time, and was surprised at how hard ( it starts off faster than I usually do ) and enjoyable I found it. I would like to include it in my running plan, as I can only run 3 x a week I'm not sure which run to knock off. I do a long easy run, a speed run followed by strength training and an easy 5k followed by 30m cardio cross train. I'm thinking the easy 5k's gotta go ?

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Why not mix it up a bit? One week do the speed one with strength training, the next do Stepping Stone?

I do one long run, one tempo run of 5k and the other could be Stepping Stone, Speed, Stamina (from C25K+), the W1R1 trick (which I did today) or an incline run which I intend to do for the first time next week.

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Good Idea :)


That's excellent advice from SWT there, mix it all up is the way to go! Also you will have a few more "strings to your bow" then you can see which one you fancy on the day


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