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Pain on top of foot

I had a rest day yesterday and no pain on my run the day before but this morning I woke with an ache on the top of one foot- near the toes, just above what would be the knuckles if it was your hand.

Not bad or sharp just noticeable, walk is fine, pain mild. Went for a 6.5k run with no pain at all and noticed it again afterwards.

Google tells me tendinitis? But it sounds like that's mostly more on top of the arch of the foot?

I don't want to be stupid and run myself from a minor ache into an actual injury because if I have to stop running I'll be hard to live with!


-can I run if running doesn't hurt it?

-should I ice it? Or what?

-what caused it? My shoes don't rub and fit well, very comfortable. I always warm up with stretching and a walk. My calves are flexible (lots of yoga) and not weak I don't think. As I say this happened two days after my last run...

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Hopefully its not a stress fracture, but hammer or claw toe can cause it or,

Extensor Tendonitis

What Is It: Irritation and inflammation of the tendons on the top of the foot

Causes: Shoes that are too tight, calf tightness, spending long periods on your feet, altered foot biomechanics, walking/running on uneven surfaces or simply dropping a heavy object on your foot

Symptoms: Gradual onset of swelling, bruising and pain on top of foot. Tender to touch and may be uncomfortable wearing shoes

Treatment Options: Change how you lace your shoes, use orthotics, rest, ice the foot, employ ultrasound, get a course of injections or stretch the calf muscles

- See more at: foot-pain-explored.com/pain...


I'm pretty sure it's not a stress fracture, I can hop up and down, prod at it, rub it etc with no sharp pain.

Shall take a look at that link. Thanks


Google is a terrible doctor! Maybe you don't have anything wrong with your foot. It could be your shoe is too tight and causing the bit where the laces are to dig in. We all tie our laces too tight when we're new to C25k. Are your shoes a half size bigger than your normal shoes? They should be to allow your feet to swell up. Are your shoes new by the way? I got pain above my toes (on one foot), and I put it down to needing new shoes. My shoes had gone very flat and lost their bounce. Got some new ones and hey presto I was fine

If you have the niggle then you can't ignore it. Rest up and see how it goes. If it doesn't go away despite loosening laces etc etc then you should see the doc. Painkillers, anti-inflamms, ice, elevation and rest are the usual things to do. Hopefully you'll be pain free and running again in no time

Take care!


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