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I can hardly believe it's been almost a year since a group of C25Kers went to London to run ten kilometres past amazing architecture and famous sights. I include RealFoodieCLub in this as she provided the most amazing chocolate cake afterwards! In just over 3 weeks time it will be time for the second outing, so whoever is going I hope to see you there. We can take another photo!

I've been keeping up with my regular 5 mile runs three times per week. Sometimes I do 4.5 miles if I'm feeling a bit tired, but you see I've set myself a 2016 target of 1000K and I'm determined to reach it. Having been unemployed since last summer I've been lucky to avoid the dark early mornings and have usually gone out running at the far more civilised hour of between 10-11am. However this is all going to change soon as a new job starts Monday (YES! The phone actually rang and a job came my way after trying for 16 weeks!) so I'll be back to cold dark mornings once again. It's ok though, cos Mrs Dan bought me a head torch for Xmas and I haven't yet had a chance to give it a whirl. At least the juggernauts will be able to see me as I run alongside the A316!

It's gonna be time soon for a new pair of running shoes and I'm minded to keep to the ones I've had most recently - Asics Nimbus. They're a neutral shoe but I've got orthotics that I place inside them to bring me up to a level height as one leg is shorter than the other by about 5mm! I discovered this a couple of years ago after a visit to the podiatrist and she explained to me that the reason I was getting back and shin ache is that I was running lopsided! So after a million pounds podiatrist bill, she provided me with orthotics and told me to buy Asics Nimbus as they are incredible cushion'ish! Is that a word? Don't think it is actually! The shoes I have are around months old now and have done about 900K. I have to say though that they are wearing extremely evenly (having looked at the soles) which is testament to Mrs Podiatrist getting me running "level". I think there's a few miles yet in them though.....

Anyway hope your 2016 running year has got off to a flying start. For those just starting this program - WELL DONE! It's the best decision you've ever made. For the rest of you regular C25Kers, a bit like Bruce Forsyth used to say annoyingly every week on "Strictly".....'KEEEEEEEEP Runnnnnnning'

Yer pal


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Yay for a new job :) Long contract? Something exciting?

See you at LWR. Is there a plan yet?


Last year we met in front of Churchill war rooms I think, but I will make sure there is a post on both sites to give everyone enough time to look and get themselves sorted if they have any questions. I very rarely go on Facebook but we can check to see where they are meeting up. I will be bringing my chocolate cake as well.

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Thanks rfc. You got my attention with chocolate cake :) see you there.


Contract "could ne 10 months"....hmmm....we shall see. One day at a time for me in my business! Sadly it's not at all exciting.

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1. Looking forward to LWR!

2. Yippee on the job!

3. Snap re Nimbus and orthotics! Have you tried (or do you have) the Nimbus 17? I saw them at Decathlon at less than £90 and was wondering whether there is much difference to the 16s.


Nimbus 2000 is the best, surely! ;)


Do you know I'm not sure what bloody number my Nimbus' are?


It says on the little bit that yhe the laces thread through on the tongue :-)


Good work Dan! Hope you all have a fabulous time at the LDN Winter Run.

Liverpool one is next weekend, I'm sooo looking forward to it! :D xx


Boom! Go Spiky! Have fun in Liverpool - God I bet that's a laugh!


You should all come oop North next year hehe ;) x



Any chance of a photo of your exceedingly expensive orthotics? Can you say who actually made them?



PS Reckon we should have a dedicated/pinned "orthotics" thread.


That is an amazing idea, I feel so lost knowing what shoes to buy now I've bought my orthotics. I have just been shoving them in my Asics but they're too tight now with the extra height. My birthday is next month so was thinking of braving trainer shopping again (bad experience with gait analysis at sweatshop). So a dedicated and pinned orthotics and trainers section would be a godsend!


Thanks! :-) Or even start a new community around orthotics and insoles.

Incidentally, I had a right old faff buying new running shoes this time last year - ordered and sent back 4 different pairs.

I'm a size 7-7.5 in normal shoes, but with the (back then) new orthotics, I had to get size 8.5! Asics Gel Pulse 5 :-)

With you having orthotics, I wouldn't necessarily bother with gait analysis - just a decent comfortable neutral shoe will do you fine.

PS Take note of the width of the toe box - Asics and Brooks are very good for this.


Running shoes should always be a size bigger (at least) than your usual day shoes so your feet can expand. I'm a size 8 normally but buy size 9.5 running shoes.

BTW my orthotics are a make called X Line - get Mr Google working for you and take a peek. My podiatrist built up the heels with some rubber slivers to get me levelled up.


Thanks Dan. We will!

Glad to hear you're still running regularly. I hope you get a good showing at the LWR.

I got a head torch for crimble and I tried it out for the first time the other day. It felt grand. Even has a flashing red light on the back. How fab is that! Treat yourself to new Nimbuses and get out there.

Great news on the job front! More dosh to spend on gear.


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