Sorry to post on both communities but I need advice

Have just had an email about the Leeds MoRun I'm doing in a couple of weeks saying that much of the route is on trails and will be muddy, so trail shoes are advised. I don't own trail shoes!! I normally run on roads in Asics gel nimbus and do Parkrun on grass in my old Mizuno Waveriders. The grip on the Mizunos isn't great as they've done a fair few km now. What do you reckon I should do? Risk it with the Mizunos or buy and risk running in new trail shoes? 😱😱😱😱😱

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  • Wow that's a difficult one. I'm not a trail sort of person but I have trail shoes Incase I feel like it, they have a very different tread. When you got your trail shoes at the beginning did you have an easy time first time out? Or did they need wearing in? If they were great straight out of the box I would get identical ones same year, make, size. If they took some wearing in I would use my old ones. That's just my opinion but I agree it's a difficult choice. Good luck.

  • Cheers RFC, the problem is, I've never had trail shoes at all, just road shoes. Suspect I need the grip of trail shoes but I also need some cushioning for my 'war wounds'. Main problem, apart from the expense, is that I'd have, at most, one Parkrun to try them out before the MoRun and you know what they say about not using new equipment on race day...... You see my dilemma! xx

  • I don't know if it's any use to you but I got my trail shoes from sports direct, their own brand karrimor and I think they cost me£24.99 in the sale down from £79 or something. I have used them on The road as well just to test them out. I know it's a difficult one in as far as the no new stuff advice goes, it has to be weighed up against a potential face plant. Not good choices really.

  • I also use karrimor (duma trail shoes) cos they were cheap. Just to note that I didn't think they worked well on the road, they have little cushioning. If I had to do a trail run I'd use the trail shoes, but I'd do a trail run first - especially now it's wet.

  • Thanks for your comments. I had Karrimor road shoes when I first started running but they didn't have nearly enough cushioning for my old bones. Suspect I'll have to bite the bullet and see what's on offer at Sports Direct. If I go to Sweatshop it'll cost me a fortune :(

  • I ordered a pair of Asics Gel Sonoma yesterday, after trying them in a shop a while ago. I also run in Nimbus and like the cushioning, so I thought a cheap pair of Asics trail would be good (£45-£49 on amazon). I have some other trail shoes too, but want to have options in advance of my trail HM in Feb. The Sonoma are obviously not as light and flexible as the NImbus, but the overall fit felt familiar and I know I can use my orthotics together with the front half of my cut Nimbus inners. I should get them today, will let you know how they feel. Sports Direct may have Asics trail shoes as well or you could have a look in a running shop.

  • Thanks for that Dagshar, that's really interesting. I'll look out for you post about your new Asics :)

  • So far so good. the Asics Sonoma really do have a very familiar feel (i.e. similar feel to the Nimbus) and are a really good fit for my feet in the same size as my other Asics. There is a difference when it comes to cushioning, but that is to be expected from trail shoes, after all they are not meant to be run on tarmac. I did a 6.8k loop which had two stretches of trail/woodland near the beginning and the end and was happy with them. What my legs think on longer runs will have to be seen of course....

    I bought these ones:

  • Thank you Dagshar, that's so kind of you to take the trouble to post a review of your shoes. The Asics sound really good. I'm going to go try on a few pairs of shoes tomorrow to see what suits and what doesn't :)

  • Just one more thing....I wore them again on friday running on a beach and they were great, but I think it was a mistake running on pavement as much as I did on Thursday. For tarmac I really need to stick to my Nimbus as my knees feel the difference otherwise.

  • Thank you again Dagshar. I wondered if the lack 'Bounce' in trail shoes might be a problem. It's the main thing that's stopped me rushing out to the shops and buying some. My knee and ankle definitely need cushioning, so I'm now wondering whether to risk sticking with my old Mizunos. Their tread isn't wonderful but I feel stable in them and they are lovely to run in. I hate being so indecisive 😡

  • I love my Brooks Puregrit. £30 on I had no problems with them from the off. Is it 5k or 10k?

  • Ah a vote for Brooks, thank you Goonkeepgoing! I tried some of their road shoes before I bought my Asics. They felt really nice. I'm only doing the 5k, so nothing too impressive, but I reckon it's just as easy to go face down in the mud regardless of the distance!!

  • If you are unfortunate enough to fall face down in the mud make sure someone gets a photo so you can claim you've participated in a Tough Mudder! I'm sure you're going to have a great time. I'm doing the 10k but on flat, even non - muddy paths.

  • Well first thing no point gait analysis on that terrain then. I ran a trail run on Sunday and ran in Solomans speedcross 3, if they are a good fit they shouldn't really need breaking in, get half a size to big if you can. Or the Salomon 3D X Scream a multi surface shoe allegedly, I like them and have run on multi surface with them.

  • Cheers m'dear, that's brilliant. Really useful. Don't know anything about Solomons. I feel a visit to Goole coming on (other search engines are available ;) )

  • I do trails and I have invested in trail shoes but the only difference is a bit more front grip!! I would use your old comfy ones expecting them to get plastered... You may find its a bit slippy so go careful and don't have anything in your hands so you can balance yourself better!! Have fun it sounds wonderful...

  • Great advice JJ. My Mizunos gave been ankle deep in mud a few times, so I'm not at all precious about them. I'm just a bit worried about the lack of grip because they're quite worn down. xx

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