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I'm after a new pair of running shoes! I started c25k in a clunky pair of trainers and after week 5 bought some 'nike' shoes which in comparison felt glorious. After my visit to physio earlier this week because of twingy knee ligaments, I need to re assess my footwear. My knees turn in when I run - yikes- and I am doing some exercis s to strengthen hips etc. Knee feels rather better already, and I am generously giving it a few days off. In the meantime, I need new shoes! I would like something more 'cushiony' for that extra Spring in me step - ANYWAY , after some research, I find myself irresistibly attracted to 'Asics' nimbus gel shoes that cost eye-watering £££££££'s. 😍Having read the 'blurb' they sound like I'll be leaping effortlessly along, rather like a suburban mountain goat. Are these the Holy Grail? Am tempted to enter credit card details RIGHT NOW ! Can anyone advise? 🤗

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  • 2 thoughts from me:

    (1) with your knees turning in, I'm a little surprised your physio didn't suggest orthotics to help with alignment

    (2) re the Nimbus shoes, shop around! Don't necessarily go for the latest model but look at the older versions - they'll be MUCH cheaper. Look at, and also Amazon.

    Good luck!


  • Interesting article ViaM

  • Yes, it helps seeing through the marketing clouds a bit, doesn't it?

  • Can't comment on Nimbus gels but I run in Asics gel Kayanos (I overpronate mildly)and they are like slippers!! Bought mine at Good luck.😀

  • Thank you, I appreciate your replies.

    Thinking on, should I have a 'gait assessment'? I have looked up a place in my area (like everything else it costs £££) but for once I should look before I leap. Would be typical of me to splurge out on fancy shoes then find out they're unsuitable 😖

  • Your physio will be able to tell you if you are seeing him/her again. Alternatively, lots of running shops offer a free gait analysis and help you look at different shoes. You won't be under any obligation to buy. Hth.

  • Definitely get gait analysis done.

    And you'll have to be a bit "cute" (ie clever) in the shop - don't be persuaded into buying anything. Give the impression that you are keen to start running, but don't know anything about shoes, want a bit of advice, *may* buy shoes, but are looking around. Get it? :-) Awkwardly, most of the places that do gait analysis, also charge top prices for shoes. Sad fact that best prices are found online.

    Good luck!

  • I have the nimbus 16 and find them excellent. But they need to be the right fit (i have orthotics and wear them with the shoe's own insole cut in half! ). I really think you need to get them fitted in a proper running shop, trying out different shoes rather than just ordering. I was lucky because mine were in the sale last may because the 17 had come out. If you are near a decathlon shop, you could try the nimbus 17 there - i saw it the other day and it's less expensive there.

  • I have Asics Gel Nimbus17 and they are lovely and cushioned and very light. They're also very expensive, so I'd try buy last seasons model if I was you if money is tight (and let's face it, money is always tight in January) Gait analysis is always a good idea, but don't be pushed into buying anything if you're not entirely sure they're right.

  • I had a look online yesterday and the 17s seem to be the same price now on amazon than 16, with the older ones no longer available in my size unless straight from asics. I think i need to try a pair of 17s some time soon.

  • Yes, get a gait analysis done, the shoes are not always dearer when you have this done, I got £30 off mine with gait analysis done.

    And try on various makes in the shop, don't just go for shoes that look nice and colourful..and certain makes just because others swear by them..

  • I thought list of cushioning was the answer but post shin splints i've gone the other way and am now running in a more minimal shoe. I took to them immediately after being very sceptical.

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