multiple parkruns?

Is anyone intending to do multiple parkruns? You might be able to get an extra two or more in at Christmas and New year. Christmas they only allow 1 to be registered (why not volunteer for the other?) and new year only two.

There is a website showing how to find out where the multiples are possible

christmas + new year

new year

I've got my two NY runs sorted !

I've done this before and it's great fun a cross between parkrun and treasure hunt :)

And two parkruns with an hour break is far easier than a straight 10k. Most graduates should be able to do it, and it's good training to reach 10k.

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  • Yes - I will be doing my 50th parkrun at my local on New Years Day at 7AM and then move onto the next nearest local at 8;30AM. It is being "advertised" and I think that quite a few of the keener ones will do it

  • Pubs open early on NYD in Oz!?

    Doing consecutive running days over this weekend, if OK may do 2 days over Xmas/NY

  • local parkrun!!!! :)

  • hi yes i could do two on new yrs day!!

    One starts at 9am and the other at 10.30am!! some run from one to the other!!


  • hardcore!

  • Hmm... 9:00 start followed by a 10:00 start some 40 minutes drive away...

    So I'm committing to a sub 20min parkrun for the first one? that's nearly 2 minutes off my PB !!!

    That looks a little ambitious, particularly since I'm running nowhere near my PB at the moment anyway and I'll probably be running with a hangover. I think I'll give it a miss this year. Maybe next time ;)

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