Yesterday - I ran in the rain!!!

Yesterday - I ran in the rain!!!

I have run in the rain before - I remember well running in a 10K race in the pouring rain - it was in March this year.

But I think that was the only time in the past 2 years! I generally don't go out if it is raining!! Which is just as well, because it only really happens every few months where I live.

However - we went motorhoming with friends this past weekend - kind of a Xmas gathering -- I KNEW it was going to be uncomfortable - and it was!! Friday was 36C with high humidity - ended with a electrical storm that night , which was much welcomed - but I woke up the next morning to the sound of rain!!! And I went out in it - it was really only kind of "heavy" sprinkles - but I quite enjoyed doing a slow 5K in this quiet country town -- absolutely nobody around at 5AM except for some ducks and cud-chewing cattle.

Went out again this morning - no rain - but I discovered that an update to my phones operating system has broken my Bluetooth 4 Low energy system and so , my HR monitor will no longer talk to my phone!!!! Bloody technology - they put out an update to tackle a virus which then breaks another "feature" of the phone.

The next month will be very hit and miss - catch it while I can - type of running - we are going to see family in Melbourne for a week - then back home before flying to Perth to board a ship for the following 7 weeks -- I have signed up for a 10K in March so those ship's treadmills are going to get a workout over that time. I am definitely going to do another HM in the middle of next year around July - just waiting for announcement of dates before I can book. BUT -- when do I book a full marathon (in Hawaii??) - do I wait a while - will I get more courage to do so if I finish the next HM first?? - or do I do something silly like I did when I signed up for the 14K Sydney City to Surf halfway through C25K:: :) I am only going to be 70 for one year - so if I don't do this Honolulu marathon then , I can't guarantee a second chance!! :)

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  • Right- sign up today for the Hawaii marathon, you will regret it if you don't!! Your life sounds so good can we swop!!!! As for running in the rain, it's fab isn't it, and most runs I do at the moment are in the rain, Britain is a very wet country!!!!! Those cows are unusual, they look like Jar Jar Binks off Star Wars!!!!

  • They are called Brahmans - very common here

  • they look at little sad or annoyed to me. Is that what they always look like?

  • Yes --- that is their "normal" appearance. :) Their eyes aren't as "sad" as Jerseys!! :)

  • and how was the rain - apart from wet that is!!

  • What there was of it was refreshing -- but I probably sweated more!!!! :)

  • You know you want to do the Hawaii Marathon Bazza! You can always enter and then pull out (right. As if that is ever going to happen!) Go on, we will all be behind you and I want to see the photos!

  • You might as well sign up now - you know you want to :-)

    If it's early enough it might be cheaper - save money and fulfil an ambition. Looking forward to the pics and report already.

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