The Longhorn - roll up! Sign up! discount!

The Longhorn - roll up!  Sign up! discount!

(Sorry for the cross-post.)

You may remember that I ran the Longhorn in March and was very impressed with the organisation, the course and the people - oh, and the bling.  Especially the bling.  I did the 5k this year but there were other distances available: 3k family, 10K, HM, marathon and 60 mile ultra (gulp!).

Today and tomorrow there is a lovely discount available if you are interested in signing up. I've been brave and upped my game and gone for the 10k next year. Anyone else?

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  • I will be in - just need to decide between 10k (probably) or HM (maybe).

    Just signed up for the half.

  • Oooh, exciting!  There will be a mini-meet-up, then , because now there are a few of us signed up :)

  • (Sorry for the cross answer)

    The Mrs and I have signed up for the 10k

  • I am in! 😊

  • Woohoo!

  • Great stuff :)

  • Hubby says I can't sign up in case he gets a London marathon place in the ballot (and if not he wants to do it for charity). Let's hope this isn't just a phase! I was all ready to crazily put my name down for the half!!! Great deal though - thanks for sharing.

  • Ooh, that will be exciting!  It won't be a phase, surely - you will have a fab time this time next year in London!  (and I know that you could enter for the Longhorn half on the day if it turns out to be :D )

  • I think I'm going to put my name down for The Royal Parks half ballot. I have quite a while to decide though as I missed this years!!!!! I'm hoping to have done another by then - maybe the Robin Hood half.

    Still loving that longhorn medal though 😀

  • Oh, the Royal Parks would be a great event!  Fingers crossed you get a place :)

  • Oh, so close to being in - but not quite :(  Hubby has an Easter shut down week, so we usually try to go away.  What a shame - it looks like a great race.  btw the discount code was still working first thing this morning, I only doubled checked Easter dates while putting payment details in !  

  • It's a pity you can't make it, but it will be lovely to go away for Easter, though :)  Ha ha for 'only' checking the dates... :D

  • It is a year away so I'm thinking about the HM. Not sure about it. I would definitely do the 10k with my cousin but maybe we should try the HM instead. I run 10k now but 25kis a long way past that. Hmm dunno really. Not sure I'd have the time to train for that distance other than at the weekend. 10k is ok but I couldn't fit in a longer run before work realistically.

  • It's a big jump in distance, isn't it?  Mind, you do have a year to train.

  • Maybe it is better to do a lot of 10k runs, get stronger and more confident, rather than drag yourself through a HM. I wouldn't have contemplated it a week ago but feeling inspired by the London marathon.

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