Ze new challenge!

SO. First and foremost, many thanks to the awesome Oldfloss, who is not only perfect poet but also an artist. She has perfectly incarnated my Gremlin, Gary, in an ink drawing - get yer lycra-clad bottoms over to her last post and have a look, then maybe draw yours!

I have been chewing over my next challenge for the last week, and have come to a decision. Much to Gary's dismay, I have set my sights on going from 10k to 10 miles, with my 10 miler to be run on New Year's Day 2017. My Myasics plan is ready and waiting, and starts on Monday. Once that is done and dusted, the plan is to start a HM programme and sign up for the HM I am dying to do in the Alsace (I hesitated this year and finally signed up for the 10k).

If I can rope in all my pals up there to run too as a team, whether it be in the kiddie's race, the 10 k, the half or the marathon, and raise some money for a local association that provides help for sick children and their families during hospital treatment, it will be even better. So watch this space. Mfam is on a mission. Gary is beside himself and is desperately trying to rip his hair out, but he can't because it's too greasy. Don't ya just love karma?

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  • Sounds like a great plan mfamilias. I can hear Gary muttering and sighing from here..πŸ˜„

  • He's sulking today - I made him run 10k today, and he trailed along behind me all the way saying "Are we going home now?"

  • Bon Chance Cherie! :)

    And as for Garyeeeee- a date with Madame Guillotine for him!!! Pah! (spits on ground in formal Gallic fashion!)


  • Cheers, John :) Yup. We'll give him the Monty Python treatment and tell him "I fart in your general direction... your muzzeur weuz an amsteur and your fazzeur smelled ov eldairbearees!" That should shut him up.

  • Brillogs!!!!I love it :)

  • ROFL!

  • I love it when a plan comes together... sounds like a great run and a great idea. Go youx

    Sucks boo, Gary!

  • I'm strangely reassured to have a plan to stick to - otherwise I probably would have either faffed around or done too much at a time (I'm that kind of person). Gary says it will be too cold to run 10 miles on the 1st January, and that I will be hung over and will regret this.

  • Nasty little oink!

  • Gary..not you..πŸ™‚

  • Oh, I can be a nasty little oink too sometimes.

  • Go Mfam go. Yet again we will be in synch with our running adventures but you will again beat me to it. I kneel down (carefully) & doff my running cap to you.

    I will have my very Scottish Pompoms (ok they're hairy haggis's) at the ready every step of the way. Xx

  • One day at a time, Noaky - It's hunting season here, dangerous times for vineyard runners. (insert ominous, foreboding look *here*). I love haggis, don't talk to me about the stuff or I'll be on the next flight to Glasgow :)

  • Mmmmm hhhhaaaaagggggiiiiisssss

  • Fantastic mfam, I did a my Asics plan for my 10 miler and would definitely recommend it, the only piece of advice I'd give is, do the taper, do not be tempted to 'just do a bit more' in the last couple of weeks and you'll be fine - it's weird and messes with your head, but stick with it

    I've got a place on my local HM in March, so I am going to do another asics plan......πŸ˜„

    And I reckon, by the time you get up to the 10 miler Gary will be a shadow of his former self, you're going to leave him well behind, he may well consider moving out.....

    Good luck lovely!


  • Thanks for the advice - I'm trying to understand why there's so much rest at the beginning of the programme (which I'm ignoring because I'm using it as playtime).

    HM, yeah! Onwards and upwards.... I'm hoping that I will be able to knock Gary into shape with all this and make him give up his Pringles and TV remote too. We may even get him some leopard-print Y-fronts for the new year, who knows...

  • That's excellent mfam just the job! And it'll be a memorable new years day! Gary won' t stand a chance !πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†

  • Watch this space! I'm going to try out a diet change too, because I have discovered the there may be a link between constant sinus problems and diet. Here goes!

  • Sounds like a great plan Mfam. Sarah was extolling the virtues of 10miles as a running distance to me and I was absolutely convinced. After reading Bazza's most recent post about the benefits of slow running, I would counsel you to stick to the paces suggested by the good people at Asics. I've largely ignored their suggested paces on my plan and suspect I'm going to regret it. Enjoy your new plan, m'dear. I'll look forward to following your progress xx

  • It seems like a logical progression to me - from 10 to 10. will do my best with the paces but I think I'm going to struggle with 8 mins per km...

  • Imagine how I'm feeling then. According to the plan, my 'comfortable' is 8:45 - 9:25. Impossible!! However, as I discovered this morning, going really slowly is a massive muscle work out without leaving you totally cream-crackered. Wish I'd tried harder to maintain that pace in the early days of the plan as I'm convinced that it must really build strength. Enjoy your plan Mfam xx

  • Yup, I'm intending to build up to 10 miles. Me and AM bounced around the idea of the Cambridge Half Marathon in March, I also thought about just doing the distance on my own, neither of our husbands were impressed - we are running twins with asthma and manky backs. My Baldy wondered why I would want to do such a weird lopsided distance, why not a nice round number like 10? He has been so supportive of me, I will do this for him. Baldy's ten miles!

  • The HM together would be brill, nevertheless... worth keeping on a back boiler, even if it is a "lopsided distance". I haven't told Calculus yet. Only Kiddo knows, and he's sworn to secrecy. In any case, it's nice to know that you two are doing it at the same time - as I have breathing issues too (bronchiectasis) we could call ourselves the Powerpuff Girls. I bags Blossom.

  • Hahahahahaha my girls used to love this when they were little. I wanna be Bubbles!! Powderpuff Girls it is then!! :D :D

  • Yeah...ha! Curlygurly2, you're Buttercup. I loved watching it with my son in Flrida - he was a Cartoon network addict, and we both swooned over Johnny Bravo.

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