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Didn't believe my timer

I graduated c25k a week ago and have done three 32 minute runs since then, with a view to slowly building up to an actual 5k (first). Today I hadn't felt like going out, and the run felt hard... I thought I had about ten minutes to go when my phone told me to start warming down. I checked it twice because I could hardly believe it- I could definitely have done that extra ten minutes if I hadn't had to get home. So... What I thought was a hard run was actually an easy one ;)

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Its lovely when all the hard work pays off isn't it? Happy running!


Strange isn't it, the days we r just not feeling it, can be our best days! No logic at all, just go with it and keep doing ur best!


Great feeling :)


That's such nice moment, when you realise I can actually do this, regardless of what my mind is saying. I'm sure you've thought the same, the biggest battle is with your mind and not your body, keep enjoying your running .....

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Next time you should... Grab the opportunities and it's good to push yourself as you are clearly ready. Plan your next goals...


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