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Did not run for two weeks; still not back to 30 minutes

Hi runners,

I had to not run for a couple of weeks last month. When I got back into it, I could only run for maybe ten minutes before having to have a break.

It has been a few weeks since then, and I still can only manage about ten minutes at a time. I worked so hard to finish C25k and I cannot say how frustrating it is to have fallen so far back so quickly.

Has anybody else experienced this? Do you have any advice for getting my endurance back?

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A couple of weeks won't have impacted ability so it's likely you have a mental block in play. What makes you stop at 10mins? Out of breath? Sore legs? Both may be assisted. By slowing down. Or failing that take a walk break but continue when your heart rate has reduced ie 60seconds

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That makes sense. It's mainly sore legs that are bothering me. I got new shoes during my break - maybe I need to get used to them?

The mental block theory makes more sense than a sudden decrease in physical ability. I'll give slowing down a go next time.


Shoes could be it. When I switched from neutral to support shoes i was told to expect new aches and I definitely got them. Soon passes.


I hope so!


Just run... stop when you want to.. walk a bit and then run again... this is you and you do it your way:)

It will all come back to you.... honestly !


I will. Thank you. :)

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I had a couple of weeks of bad runs and really doubting I could run! I realised it was because I'd started worrying how slow I was and worrying too much about pace.

Just go out and run, no set agenda about time, pace or distance; just run. These are the best runs πŸ˜…

Good luck and remember how far you've come so you know you can do it X


I have that can't run for the first 20 minutes of a run EVERY run :( It takes my body that long to get going. I have bellows lungs and aching legs and the let's go home and raid the fridge syndrome. Then I hit 2k or 20 minutes or more, my lungs are cleared of crap and suddenly I get into a rhythm. I would say push through that block if you can, even if it means walking for a bit. It could be that there is more stuff in the air, pollen, traffic fumes etc that are making it harder to run now it's warmer and everything is blossoming. x


Sounds like a combination of mental block and toxic 10 to me.

Can you change your route ... perhaps drive somewhere? I find I can run further when I drive to another area. When I run from home it seems harder.

Makes no sense but that's the way it is!

And the toxic 10 business ... well, for me it can be longer than that (like FlickM3) but you just have to struggle through and come out the other end!

The important thing is that you get out there so get your running shoes on and .... run!

You can do this! Good luck and happy running!


Yes, this happened to me and I got really fed up with not being able to keep going. I went back to week 3 of C25K and did one run from each week to build back up to continuous running. It didn't take long but it boosted my confidence that I could succeed with a run. Haven't looked back since (so far !).

Good luck !

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