Upping the ante

Upping the ante

I had made up my mind that I wanted to run a HM distance yesturday. The furthest I have run since my marathon is ten miles. I am a bit like that...if I decide to do something I have to do it!! However, given that I had run a fast 3 miles on Friday and a hilly 4 miles on Saturday, my legs were already a bit tired!

Things I learnt:

1.That by taking it really slowly I lasted longer and I had some walk breaks too which really helped

2.I decided to go healthy and just took raisins and a SIS tablet in my camel. I really don't want to have sweets anymore. If I need a boost I will take strong tea!!!

3.Running on tarmac is not good for the legs- I really felt it and realise why I love running on trails so much!

4.I did my 'breaks' at every 5k and that really works mentally

5.I have no idea how I ran a marathon and it has made me appreciate how hard I worked to get there as it quickly goes again!!

Also- I need some help. I have been hunting for a suitable marathon training plan that suits me. I tried the ASICS one but that doesnt include intervals etc. I dont want a complicated hardcore one either. I am tempted once again to do my own plan but then I am no expert and I want something that will help me achieve my goal of a 5 hour time. Any advice/ thoughts very welcome...

My sister always sends me postcards from her 'archives' and this one made me think...

Should we approach running gear in the same way?!

Happy Panthering,


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  • ha ha! I remember pictures like these! i love the slogan though but not sure I'd want that pressure when I run. Colour co-ordinated clothes and make up??! Although I have noticed some elite athletes on the telly with make up on but I guess that's a whole different thing being on the telly.

    Sorry can't give you any advice on the marathon question JJ but have you looked at the usual ones - BUPA, Runners World, Garmin? Also, if you have signed up for a marathon then the organisers will post a training plan. The Garmin plans incorporate cross training and intervals so that is worth a look.

  • I didnt know Garmin had plans...will I find them on Garmin connect???

    Yes- colour full stop is good !!! I wear far too much black!

  • I didn't either! Steve_L suggested it when I asked about a HM plan. Yes you can find them on GC, click on "Plans" at the top and then "training plans".

  • Thats really helpful...thankyou. That makes it easy too as i use that website all the time for downloading my runs etc...

  • Yep, I used a Garmin one - they're on Connect. It was a good mix of easy runs, intervals, hills, long runs, threshold runs. Recommended.

  • don't know if it was just me, but the garmin plans looked a bit OTT in terms of demands in training - 5/6 runs a week, not for me thank you! haha

  • You can choose your level. I went for a five runs a week version, but there are lighter ones.

  • what about this runcamp plan? I like the look of it: newforestmarathon.co.uk/wp-...

  • I really like the look of that as its really simple...like me!!

  • It's good to hear your motivation and panthering is back, and taking in a HM first seems to be good prep for a full marathon. Good luck in choosing the right training plan and I think IP has made the right suggestion using GC to find a plan which you can always adapt to suit your needs. Keep smiling and enjoy the training.

  • Thankyou... whatever I do I will be smiling, if I'm not its a sign I need to change what i'm doing!!! I am actually really excited about training through the Winter again ( how sad am I!!)

  • A sad case? Certainly not, I also like training in the winter months! Mind you I have been regarded as crazy 😂.

  • Do you have a half in mind, Ju? I gave in and booked the North London Half today for March :)

  • well done!!! I am booked in for the Brighton marathon in April 2016 :)

  • Must admit since starting running I now have more dayglo bright coloured running clothes than I would normally wear day to day :) if anything tend to now go for them :D

    I am not surprised at your new goal :) you are a very determined person once you decide :D

    Trail running seems to have ignited a new passion for you after your heroic and amazing Paris marathon and it's after effects is exactly what you need :D

    PS I don't wear Y's ever! haha

  • JUicyJu - have a read of this


    It refers to Marathon training - but a lot of what it says also applies to HM .

    I personally believe that "people like us" :) should concentrate solely on developing strength , stamina and endurance , sufficient to finish a distance STRONGLY. Unfortunately we all get tied up with goal times . Hence I recommend that the more conservative plans as discussed in the above website are the best way for "people like us" to go :) Have a look at Jeff Galloways plans in particular - you don't have to do his run/walk style, just look at his longrun distances and the date programming of those distances. He is very conservative in that he only does a longrun each second week - but they do go out to a distance further than the HM distance. For the other 2 to 3 runs each week you can do basically anything that you like - so long as it does not interfere/tire you out for the longrun. His plans are all about the longrun!!!

    Look here for his HM plans rundisney.com/training/runn... Hes has 3 - one for beginners ( not you!) , one to "finish in the upright position" and one for people with a time goal. I am now also considering doing another HM next year - and I am inclined to do the one with a time goal ( even though I don't have a time goal) . After my one and only HM, I felt that firstly I should have run further during training - and should also have not done ALL of my longruns quite so slowly!!

  • Good luck with whatever you decide. I'm sure your experience to date will help you pick the plan that is right for you. Is it sad that I feel excited about hearing all of your build up to the big day???

  • Good luck with whatever plan you choose. I'm sure you'll be awesome no matter what. Can't say I agree with the sentiments on your sister's card - these days for me, more is definitely better!! xx

  • " Ive got passion in my pants , and I aint afraid to show it ( show it ) ( show it )

    Altogether now folks , you know the words :

    " Im Sexy and I know it !! " Ha ha ! :-D

    Fab stuff Ju, I am sure you will be absolutely top drawer in your planning and training .

    Good Luck and get those paws up , Panther ! :-) xxx

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