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Day 4 of my trail run streak finds me in Cornwall on my favourite 10k route. I am really enjoying my muddy adventures this Christmas. I'm learning how to draw energy from my surroundings and be more outward focussing rather than inward thinking about breathing/ pain/legs/ dying if you get my drift!!! There is no easy way to run in thick wet mud but I'm so aware that my ankles are stronger due to doing so much of this.

There is something wonderful about being completely alone in the woods / by the sea miles from anywhere. I don't feel afraid, I often stop and just take a moment to take in the sounds, smells, textures of the trees and vegetation. It feels very real and grounding which is so far from my life I can escape all of it for a bit and finally be free.

What adventures have you had this Christmas? I hope it's been fun??

Happy panthering



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  • Sounds lovely Jj. My best run over Christmas was a lovely muddy 7k with my sister, who was visiting. Very rare for me to have company whilst running (I love running on my own) but I really enjoyed it. And yes, mud is definately good for strengthening the ankles and improving balance! ☺

  • That sounds perfect, and it is nice to have company sometimes...

  • Most of my runs are in mud at the moment. Nature is a great reviver. Just being out there , running, living and breathing helps get things into perspective. Just enjoy.

  • It so is isn't it, a perfect reviver, continue to enjoy your muddy runs!!

  • Hi juic yju

    I'm definitely getting drawn into the world of muddy runs after yesterday! I forgot to mention in my post what fantastic views we got, the sun shining on the sea after that big hill was worth the climb!! I also did a Xmas every along the prom with stormy seas which was invigorating and saw the sun rise 😊

  • Wow I bet that was so perfect running by the sea!!!!

  • Certainly was! Happy new year juicyju 😊

  • You too Aliboo xx

  • That sounds just fabulous JJ.

    My runs have been limited over christmas but as per my post the other day I've managed at least one amazing run.

    Keep up the great runs, you really do give huge inspiration to get out there ☺

  • Thank you so much X

  • Glad you continue to enjoy your adventure runs!

    I keep telling myself on my muddy runs how good they are for strengthening the knees and ankles. Good prep for my wolf run too ☺

    Do you manage to get your shoes totally dry between runs?

  • That sounds fantastic Juju. You remember how I couldn't wait to get back to Cambridge? Well, now I'm rather missing France, always something to see and different every day.

  • Are you back to France soon? Cambridge is pretty flat isn't it???

  • Yes Cambridge is flat as a pancake! Ill be back in France the end of March xx

  • You're really getting in touch with nature Juju. Aint it the best?

  • It so is!!

  • Lovely, lovely post xxx

    Just makes you feel great to be alive and out there doesnt it ? xxx

  • Thankyou, and yes it really does....

  • Hi Ju

    So pleased to see you out there running up a storm as per

    I've not run since Christmas Eve. I have had the most painful big toe imagineable. Caused by rich food and a return to alcohol in the form of Christmas pudding, cake and trifle. The effects kicked in real quick. Now I remember why I gave up all booze. Gout!!!!!! So, no more port mincemeat etc etc. Eating lots of porridge to soak up the excess and back to normal foods. I made a pan of minestrone and made some rolls to get me back on track.

    So, with that I'm off to don my new pants and off I go onto the trail. Yeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    I'll take my camera! Maybe even make a little film. Can I do that? Dunno. I'll try

  • Oh no that's not good... I hope it's feeling better now??

  • Sodding stoopid toe! I went running anyway. On the muddy, wet trail, minus socks, which resulted in blister on each foot. Doh

    I did attempt a clip but the first was a load of wotsit as I pointed my phone the wrong way πŸ˜€ you make it look so easy. It aint! 😊

  • No socks...are you nuts woman?!!! I hope they are healing nicely??

  • I had bought a pair of skyscraper heels for last night but tried them on and chickened out. They were strappy and I knew they'd be murder even without matching blisters 😊

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