Daily running

Daily running

I've been in Cornwall for a week with my gorgeous mum and sisters who live there. I've ran every day and clocked up 40 miles which is more than I've done over a week for a while. I wanted to share what I have learnt so far about daily running.....

It's only now after 3 years that I feel my body is ready

I used to hate stretching but I've learnt it's medicine and like daily food to keep you going

Some days I have felt tired, but after a good stretch I run and I feel fine. A lot is mental I think

Epsom salts work... I mean really they do...especially as I lay in the bath and watch stuff on my iPad which is great relaxation too

Running on the beach everyday has been jolly hard as there are so many sections where the sand has a 4 inch give but I've learnt how to go slow to keep my Achilles and muscles intact and by varying how I run

I love the adventure... Each day brings something new and different... Today I saw Dolphins

Back to work tomorrow but I feel revived... From time with my gorgeous family and my running

What do you guys think about daily running, I'd love to know your thoughts...

Happy Panthering


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  • juicy

    yes daily running will improve your stamina..The great Ron Hill (Marathon runner in the 60,s and 70,s) Ran every day from December 1964 to 2014 and never missed a day... incredible really! Keep it up!!


  • I know he is my ultimate hero....

  • great picture by the way!!

  • Thankyou 😎

  • Sounds wonderful, Juicyju! And you look so happy and relaxed (not to mention, young) in that photo.

  • Thankyou... There is something so special about running by the sea....

  • Gorgeous photo Ju, you look really healthy and happy !

    Well done on the daily running, especially on the sand , that's tough ! xxx

  • Thankyou... Ive really loved it. I really needed this holiday, work was getting too much...

  • Daily running is probably what we were made for. The hunters and gatherers had to run until they found something, or starve. They couldn't have a routine of every other day. But I think you have to be strong to do it (and you obviously are!) and if you're not ready for it you can probably burn out. On the other hand we walk every day, so why shouldn't it be possible to run?

  • That's exactly what I thought.... But it's only now I do feel able to do it. I do very short slow runs i between longer or faster ones and that seems to work. But it feels so right too.

  • Lovely picture jj - a great advert for all the running you do! Love the idea of daily running, but as you pointed out, I think you have to be pretty experienced to do it. Not something for me at the moment but do love the idea of a short slow run on the "off days"!

  • The off day slow run really is reviving and it was so good today to go and bang out a fast 5k on terra firma. That sand was so hard to run on!!!

  • People do. Haruki Murakami for one, and he does ultramarathons. (Also writes rather weird books though...) Wonderful to make the most of a holiday and a lovely running location anyway.

    I reckon that it is more sustainable when you're not pounding pavements... and I know you avoid doing loads of that.

    I doubt paleo types went running every day, day in day out. But they probably had periods when they did.

  • It does feel right, and you are right I do as little as possible on the dreaded pavements... Urgggg!!!

  • What a photo... you look amazing! So happy and relaxed! I have rest days when I would really like to run.. especially if they are sunny and bright...but am sensible? and don't!

    Last night we walked intro the next village to have dinner with friends and I really, really wanted to jog there!!! :) Decided against it.. held hands with husband and walked :)

  • Thankyou... And your evening sounds perfect, I hope you had a good night 😎

  • JJ - Have you gotten a bit younger lately???? -- and can I recommend NOT to use an Ipad in the bath!!! It is definitely one of those "it seemed like a good idea at the time" situations. !! :)

  • You charmer you!!!! And yes I know what you mean about the iPad... I need one of those integrated TV's!!!

  • And Thankyou too :)

  • Lovely photo juicyju! Ive never tried running very often without a rest day but may well try it soon. I have lovely memories of cornwall, being at college in Plymouth we weren't far away (long time ago!) And its where i had my last family holiday with my mum and my ruffdog in 2010 so will always hold special memories 😊

  • Huge hug, Aliboox

  • Thankyou oldfloss for that, I am doing ok πŸ˜•πŸ˜Šxxx

  • it is a very special place isnt it??...

  • What a gorgeous picture JJ. You look amazing x

  • Thankyou :)

  • Love the idea of running every day. Not yet, but might plan a 30 day run streak of a daily mile, January 2017 perhaps. Shorter distance would b a bit limiting though

  • That sounds like a good plan.... I love the 1 mile runs as they are no pressure at all and I stop lots etc....

  • That is a great picture, you look so relaxed and fit. At the moment I need rest days, but I do like JoolieB1 idea of a 30 day 1 mile challenge. I'm currently doing a 30 day fitness program with my daughter, 100 knee ups and 75 Russian Twists last night. I have a short attention span so 30 day challenges are a good starting point for me.

  • That sounds hardcore, and yes 30 days feels doable...

  • What an absolutely fab pic, Ju! You look wonderful!

  • Thankyou so much :)

  • As others have said....what a super photo! Running on the beach sounds hard work to me! Still early days for me so I certainly need rest days, although sometimes do a spontaneous short jog when walking the dog on rest days! (just can't resist it!)

  • perfect!! And thankyou :)

  • I'm also loving this pic, you can really feel the joy. I hope to be able to say I've been running 3 years soon. I'm halfway there already... :) And running everyday sounds good if you have learned to thoroughly listen to your body. So much wisdom juicyju - esp re the importance of relaxation and stretching as medicine! Did anyone watch that 'who do you think you are' (Paul Hollywood) about the Scottish mailman who ran across Scotland everyday for his job? That made me think - either some people are just built that way - or maybe we could all do that, if we just chose too...

  • Ooooh cooooooeeeee, I am loving your holiday! πŸ˜€ Sounds fabness personified! Sun, sea, sand and running. What more could a gal want 😊

    I can't run every day. I can just about do 4 days a week if I'm forced but I would rather do 3 and stay well. Having said that i'm laid up with a calf tweak! Tsk

    I would find running everyday just knackering, on top of everything else that is physically tiring. Mind you I am getting on 😊

    I have a cozzie similar to that but mine has go faster stripes. It's a Zoggs and I got it when I got rid of the lard ☺

    I read in the bath, sometimes on my tablet tooπŸ˜• I perch it on the side, carefully

  • Thankyou... and thats my running gear. I took my trainers off at the end and ran in the sea!!!!!! Its a Nike vest and a running skort from Howies... its sooo comfy :)

  • I hope your calf feels better soon too....

  • I have seen a fab skort. A Salomon one, in aqua.


    It looks great on. I saw it on a poster for AnniW's Rat Race in clumber park. I have seen it for Β£40 somewhere

  • Thats gorgeous if a little pricey!!!


    This is mine... a tad cheaper :)

  • You're a glowing advert for c25k jj, althoughmaybe you alwqys looked that healthy!

  • aww thanks :)

  • Looking great there! Running on sand is soooooo hard!

    Hmm. A mile a day sounds manageable - especially for a limited period. Maybe in the autumn when I need a kick to get me out the door!

  • it is hard, and good plan, it makes it manageable and the miles clock up...

  • It obviously suits you juicy you are looking great 😊

    I did a week over Christmas to new year and didnt suffer any side effects , I was only doing 4-5 k each day, at the time it really helped me find my mojo again

    Have been considering adding another run each week but havent got round to it , maybe after my 10k later this month will review ☺

    The beach looks wonderful ,seaside envy here from land locked cambs .

  • good plan, and yes it really helps to boost up the mojo too... and aww yes where my dad lives, but it is also lovely ( he lives in Elton)

  • I sometimes wonder whether I might be better doing 2k every day rather than 5k every other day or so. Hmm.

  • Only trying will give you that answer although 5k is a lovely distance...

  • Wish I had only attempted 2k at 8.30 this morning. Waaaayyyy too hot and muggy. Not nice. Gave up after 4.5 and downed about a gallon of water! Note to self: next time you're awake at 3.30 am and it's light, just pull on your kit and go out for a run instead of wandering round the house being cross.

  • If daily running will make me look like you do in this photo, then I will do it! :-)

  • awww thankyou :)

  • great photo and you like quite happy, glad to see your daily running is doing you a world of good and making you run faster and longer. I am personally finding it hard to do a weekly run at the moment

  • Is this post marathon do you think? It is hard. I really struggled after Paris and then had an injury through the summer. I learnt alot from that time so I was mentsally prepared this time round and I had a plan to deal with it ( not book any more marathons and just go for the enjoyment etc). Running every day really helps too.... I hope you get the love back soon.... or the time ( as I know life gets in the way)

  • thanks yep just went out with the club for a 11km run, really hurt! felt like i have lost so much fitness but gonna try and get out more.

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