New Toys announced!!!

Hello, your friendly techie runner is pleased to notify you of a whole new set of toys... Christmas is coming:

Forerunner 230

Forerunner 235

Forerunner 630

It is really unlike Garmin to release the successor to the fr225 (the 235) after only 4 months, however this new watch has Garmin's own wrist-worn heart rate monitor and is thinner than the 225.

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  • And indications for availability dates and prices:

  • thank goodness they don't do it in Pink. Would have to consider buying but not tempted by the colours shown! What a relief at that price. xx

  • Same here! But I bet the 245 will be along soon...

  • Well, as a proud owner of a 225, no way am i going to upgrade to a 235 after only 4 months. Thinness to be honest would be a selling point as the 225 is a little chunky, but its helped my running considerably with the 'pace nag' feature as i call it where i set an upper and lower limit for my pace, and it buzzes and displays the error of my ways if i get it wrong.

  • The 235 looks good but unless my garmin is stamped on by elephants I won't be getting one sadly!! Lovely new toys!! I wonder if the 630 still has the cycling setting?

  • Hi Vix, yes, the 630 will pair with a cycling speed and cadence sensor.

  • For those on a tighter budget, there's also the Forerunner 25, an update to the 15, adding bluetooth connectivity rather than having to plug it into a PC.

  • Oh I want a new one....

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