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Metastatic breast cancer and Ovarian cancet

My mom was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer to bones in 2014 and was taking tamoxifen . She then had a new primary ovarian cancer in 2015 for which she had surgery IP chemo and IV chemo.

Her cancet has now progressed all the bone leison has increased in size and there are new leison in her liver and peritoneum.

Doctor told to stop tamoxifen and start Xeloda as it works fir both Ovarian and Breast.

Doctor is not sure whether the liver leison is from Ovarian or Breast.

My mom does not have any symptoms which is very strange. This was picked up dur to rising ca125.

Can you please let me know if the treatment is going on correct track

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Hello checdd - Your doctors are right. Do as informed as he is the best decision maker by seeing the patient.


This looks more like Progression from her Breast cancer rather than Ovarian Cancer. Tamoxifen is now no longer able to contain the cancer, hence very appropriately your oncologist has very wisely chosen Capecitabine (Xeloda).

The only 100% sure way of knowing this is true or not, would be to subject your mother for a Liver Biopsy, if you were willing or happy to have this.

Your Oncologist will organise another scan after 3-4 cycles of Chemotherapy to assess Response to treatment.

Her other options include 2nd Line Hormone Therapy with Aromatase Inhibitor (Anastrozole or Letrozole) or Injectable Hormone (Faslodex).

She has plenty of options to keep her going.

All the very Best


Thanks for the reply.


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