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Diet Plan - During Chemotherapy (Breast Cancer)

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Hello Everyone,

My mom is diagnosed with breast cancer last month and doctor has started with the chemotherapy treatment for for. She is done with her second chemo session on 21st April, 2016. My mom is diabetic and high on uric acid.  After chemo sessions, my mom feels very weak and it becomes difficult for her to work normally, as suggested by doctor. I am studying in U.S (currently visiting India as my mom was hospitalized after the 1st chemo, due to reduction in her WBC and platelet count) and  it will be difficult for me to remain outside U.S for more than 5 months(visa issues)

I am in dilemma and need suggestion as in when will my mom need me the most, Surgery or Chemo? (I do understand that she needs me for the entire tenure of treatment, but I have to manage both) 

Could you please also suggest some diet plan that she can follow, taking into consideration her diabetes and uric acid?

Thank You for creating this immensely helpful website and panel and answering everyone's questions!!!

13 Replies
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The most that she will need you is during times of chemotherapy. Surgery and Radiation are local treatments and do not cause much of a body disturbance.Chemotherapy affects the body as a whole and tends to cause side effects, during which she may need your help.

You can browse through hundreds of questions that have been asked in the past, related to surgery, chemo and radiation and read the answers. If you still have doubts or if your question has not been answered, feel free to ask and we will help you.

And please also remember, this being a peer support group, this cannot replace your Oncologist and cannot, at any point of time, answer your Medical related queries,which will be best answered by your Oncologist as he / she understands your mother as a whole and has seen all her reports and performance.  

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SiaK in reply to sumeet_shah

Thanks for the revert Dr. Sumeet. I truely understand that it's only the consulting doctor who knows the exact condition of my mom.

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Dear Siak,

Sorry to hear about your problem, generally chemo patient won't able to take food. Try green leafy vegetable's. Coming WBC counts doctor will suggest a injection after 24 hours completion of chemo for WBC counts. She has eat food even she vomits or alt east fluids like carrot juice, milk fully liquid which can easily go inside.

Try to spend as much of your time with her.Don't leave her with empty stomach .


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SiaK in reply to har9505538462

Thanks for the suggestion. Will concentrate more on liquids. 

Yes, tge injection is given for WBC, after 1st chemo she didn't respond well to that injwction so this time (after 2nd chemo) doctor changed the injection and divided the dosage into 5 days.

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shridhar24 in reply to har9505538462

Milk acts acidic nature in human body and cancers will grow in acidic system. Try to keep the body alkaline by taking coconut oil and lemon plus ginger juice.

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SiaK in reply to shridhar24

Thanks Sridhar

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Please make of PCV test /week to know about WBC / RBC & hemoglobin.

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SiaK in reply to har9505538462 has a follow visit agter 7days of chemo and has provided escribed cbc report for that visit. Is that okay or we should do the test more frequently?

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For diet I can give you the suggestions on my personal experience during chemotherapy. 

During adriamycin , I had four dosages, first two to three days I had nausea alaris have some soreness in throat because of ulcers,during that time I had small portions, give her semi liquid so it's no too hard and also not too thin.  Bread with mild spice for flavor worked the best ( like roti with masala)

During taxol( I had 12 weekly dosages) had less nausea so I was taking regular dal chaval meal

Everyone reacts differently, so go according to her symptoms and how she feels

Small walks helps a lot with symptoms too

Also I ma sure your doctor will give her nausea meds too

Good luck 

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SiaK in reply to Deval

Thanks Deval. Currently my mom is hospitalized due to nausea, vomiting and constant complain about heavy stomach and uneasiness.  But will follow ur suggestion once she is back home. 

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If your mother's WBC ( specifically her absolute lymphocyte count) is low she should probably be on a neutropenic (low bacteria) diet - no fresh fruits and vegetables other than a couple that are thick skinned. Her doctor or hospital should be able to guide you. This is very important to avoid infection as her resistance is low. It involves well cooked foods for the most part and very careful food preparation. Please ask her doctor about this. 

Many patients find that taking lorantidine (Claritin), an antihistimine, before and after the shots to raise neutrophils helps if there is bone pain. Hopefully her doctors will find the best medicine to control nausea and vomiting. Ask about the best way to insure that she is well hydrated once she is able to go home. She needs to drink a lot of water to flush out the chemo, but may need to have it boiled or a particular bottled water to prevent infection.

I would talk to your mother's doctor about diet related to her diabetes and uric acid. While she is not able to eat normally she might need the advice of a dietician to help keep everything as balanced as possible. If she is getting steroids as premeds they can affect glucose levels, also.

This site has a good list of foods to use or avoid if uric acid is high. 

Hyperuricemia (High Uric Acid) - Managing Side Effects - Chemocare

Chemocare › chemotherapy › hyperurice

Sorry - this didn't come up as a link. Try  then the article title given above. 

I hope this helps! Is your mother having chemo first, then surgery? Keep us posted.


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SiaK in reply to MsLockYourPosts

Thanks pkenn...very useful information shared. I believe we are following only 60%of what you mentioned. I will take a dietitian appointment for mom. Will also check the link. 

Yes, my mom is having chemo first then surgery. She is done with 2 chemos and doc has asked for a pet ct scan after 10days. After that we will have a discussion with consultant sugeon and oncologist who is her chemo consultant, to decide on how to move further in the process.

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