Breast Cancer Metastatic

My wife is of age 49 years . She was having Breast cancer in 2007 & removed Right Breast .She has completed full Chemo , Radiation therapy after surgery. Now after 10 yrs it has re-occur & spread in Bones . Now Dr has advise for Chemo......

Her pathological report of ER% & PGR % is positive 80% . HER2 is negative .

Anybody has any advise please reply

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  • Oh disturbed to hear that cancer has again come. Whats now status - whats the report telling - how much it has spread

  • It has gone into the bones

  • ER+PGR %.are positive while HER2 is negative

  • Sorry to hear that.

    She needs Wholebody CT PET Scan and Hormone Therapy +/- Zoledronic Acid Infusions.

  • Chemo started after PET Scan.Methotrexate 3.5gm/m2 started.

  • Every 15days

  • After chemo, TLC will drop & Grafeel ( Dr Reddy lab) injection is given to improve WBC . MRP - Rs 1339/- but it available at Rs 400/- ,where hospital charges Rs 1400/-.Before going to another cycle of chemo 4/5 injection required to reach competant value.

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