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Metastatic breast cancer



My mother had been detected triple positive breast cancer in October 2015 at 3rd stage. But later after her chemo, surgery and radiotherapy, she had recovered in august 2016. But now she has had a relapse. Please suggest what should we do. I have attached the report of her CT SCAN which shows lytic expansile lesion with soft tissue component involving left sacral ala.

It also says calcified nodule in right lower lobe in thorax. What does this mean? Has the cancer just spread to the sacral ala or is it anywhere else also.

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Please guide us for the proper treatment and care


The calcified nodule in Thorax is not a concern. It's probably benign.

The sacral ala lesion is most likely metastatic.

One would need to review the images and see what's the best option

With regards to Radiotherapy if symptomatic or change in hormones and /or change in systic treatment esp Hormones.

She will need another scan in 4 months.

Thank you for the reply.

She has been given a 5 day radiotherapy and has been started with monthly Zoledronic acid and is currently on tomoxifin 20mg because she could not tolerate letrozole.

I also wanted to know is it a cureable condition or how are the chances of survival.

Thank you.

roxboxfoxRadiationOncologist in reply to shiviangels

She has been given Palliative Radiation

Zoledronic Acid is to strengthen her bones.

Hormones are to keep cancer under check.

Unfortunately this is now Stage IV cancer, it's not curable..but certainly treatable and we have at least over a dozen potent medications to extend her life to many years, but with medical therapy.

Thank you for the reply.

I just wanted to ask is the treatment being given enough? Does she not require any chemotherapy or any change in hormonal therapy? Or any other sort of treatment.

roxboxfoxRadiationOncologist in reply to shiviangels

Unsure how to reply this one.

There is another drug called Palbociclib /Ribociclib which is usually added to Hormones.

Recent trials have shown this to be superior to Hormones alone.

Chemo reserved for future.

Speak to.your Oncologist .

These drugs are just recently launched..and many places may not have access

And they are pretty expensive.

All the best

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