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Life style after breast cancer treatment

My sister , Jaleela who is 37 years diagnosed with a breast cancer.

She is not in a position to believe that she had cancer because she is quiet healthy now.

Also she is the one who takes care of my mom who suffered from GIST n she is no more now.She passed away two years before.My mom suffered a lot after chemotherap due to health issues.

So my sister is quiet adament n telling if she goes for will make her weak esp she is afraiding about Chemo n thereby she is not ready to go for treatment.

One of her ambition is to work as govt servant.She tried a lot and got a government job 6 months before.

But now she is telling,after the treatment she may survive but she can't able to go for job. Because she is telling that she will be weak n she needs someone to assist her for her remaining life after the treatment.

Hope it is not true .I quoted some of my friends who are fine after the treatment and doing well but still she is not in a position to accept.

Please share your experience with her n please give some support to her to understand the present scenario.

Thank you in Advance.

Appreciate all your support .

Thank you


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Hi shifana, sad to know about your mom.

We always feel that cancer is a disease which can never happens to us till we come face to face with it, therefore the acceptability of this disease is difficult. But at the same time, if diagnosed early and treated properly ie religiously following the oncologist instructions, it's fully treatable.

Chemotherapy has its side effects but they subside with time. One can come back to one's routine life after gaining strength.

I was diagnosed with cancer in June 2014 and completed my treatment in June 2015. I am also into government job. I feel completely normal and doing my job and household chores as I used to down before .

So ensure your sister that there is nothing to worry. Be positive and have a strong will power

Wishing good luck to your sister for fast recovery.


Thank you Anju....if you don't mind would you please share your number...i will ask my sister to talk with you....if you don't mind...



I am 9 years post breast cancer and treatment with no side effects. I hope your sister will talk to a good breast cancer specialist - not a general oncologist - to find out exactly what has been found and how the doctor proposes to treat it. Avoiding treatment will only allow the cancer to spread which could leave her an invalid dependent on others. Treatment can give her a future free of cancer.



If you are in Mumbai, you can get in touch with our team (The Pink Initiative). We will surely help out your sister. We will try to organize a one to one meeting with a breast cancer survivor who can give her good positive vibes and tell her the genuine scenario of how one goes about and how it is not all that bad as compared to what one gets to hear from lay men.


Thank you pat and sumeet.we are residing in Tamilnadu.As told by sister got a chance to discussed with a breast cancer survivor and she gave lot of positive thoughts to her and finally my sister accept to go for PET scan by tomorrow.Hope for the best.

Thank you for all your support



I'm so glad that your sister is moving forward. Let us know how she is doing!


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