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itchy nose and smell

My Mother was diagnosed with Stage I BC and underwent MRM surgery 2 weeks ago. The wound is healing and Doc has advised wound to heal completely before start Chemo.

Since the Surgery my mother reports slightly itchy nose and occasionally feel mild burning smell. There was full body Onco CT was performed before the surgery and it did not show any issues. She was given GA during the surgery. As I read more of this there are some reported cases where the Anesthesia can cause side effects of itching in the sinus / nose region. Since this is something after the surgery we were a little concerned. Please provide your insides on what could cause this and what next steps we need to take.

More details

Type of surgery: MRM

Type and cycles of chemotherapy:

Suggested Weekly Paclitaxel x12 weeks with Trastuzumab(Herceptin) for 1 year

Radiation: No

ER /PR status: Negative

HER2: 3+ (awaiting FISH test result)

Herceptin: Yes

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Hello welcome to our forum. I don't think there is any problem. With the time it will go. If not consult your doctor


Thanks a lot for your quick response Kontak. We will watch for more smell related symptom and review with Doctor.

Tomorrow is our appointment with Doc to check would and decide on Chemo start date.. Me and family very worried!!


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