How long stitches take to heal completely after MRM

Hi mother had her two cycles of chemo now after surgery and it was given to her through the port.

I want to ask all of you who who have had an MRM and the doctor Sumeet how long do the stitches take to heal completely. My mother has her MRM on 22nd March and though her stitches are fine but there is one small point which hasnt yet healed completely and the skin over there is very thin. We clean the wound daily by betadine solution and apply neosprin. She is still scared of apply water over that for fear that the wound may not heal.

Please guide.

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  • I am sure your mom has been prescribed some antibiotic for healing of sure she will heal up soon and you are cleaning the area regularly so I hope it will not take too long. In my case my stitches were removed in two batches and as far as I can recall it took about approximately4 weeks to completely dry up. I had to go to hospital for the cleaning once a week or so and the drainage pipes were removed after 21 days and chemo started againonthe 25th day. Hope your mom gets well soon and God bless her and you too!

  • Thank You for your reply and your wishes

  • Hi Shreyat,

    We remove the stitches by 14 to 18 days after surgery, by which time the wound is usually healed.

    The small point which you mention, is it an open wound or just that the skin is thin over there? Ideally, it should heal by now. Occasionally, in such situations, we also take an additional stitch sometimes.

  • Thank you for reply.

    The small point has a thin layer of skin its not an open wound. there is a kind of pinkish flesh over there. the stitches are all fine. actually that is the point which healed last as the drain pipes were inserted at that point only. We are applying neospirin once a day.

  • Then it should settle down, don't worry.

  • Thank You Doctor. So can we apply water while bathing or we should wait for a while?

  • my stiches were removed after 15 days but as there was still drain one or two stiches were opened automatically after 2 days of removal of stiches. doctor did not give stiches again but told me that it will heal automatically as it will dry from inside cause if again stiches are given it may open from other place. now after 2 months it is totally healed and no problem now. but i had to go for dressing after every 2 days. i did not put water on the part where the wound was opened cause was having fear that there may have infection. but it was regularly cleaned and i had always kept cotton pad so that it may not have infection and it may also not get hurt.

    hope the wound of ur mom will also settle very soon.

  • Thank You for your reply and your wishes.

  • Hello shreyat!just follow the dr's advice and everything will resolve in time.God bless your mother!tc and keep us posted.

  • Hi shreyat - the small wound you are informing takes a long time - may be 2 to 3 months - but it has healed

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