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Query for starting herceptin injections

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My mother finished 8 cycles of chemo (4 AC + 4 Paclitaxel). From 18 march her radio therapy will start. She has ER/PR negative and HER2 (+++).Doctors said she will need 17 herceptin injections after radio therapy. She had 5 weeks gap before starting radiotherapy after finishing chemotherapy. Are there will be any gap before starting herceptin injection after finishing radio therapy? Or herceptin injections need to start just right after finishing radio therapy without having any break? I need to know this as I have to arrange money for the injections.

5 Replies
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As per my medical oncologist herceptin follows after chemo at the interval that the doctor suggests ,for me it’s been set at 3 weekly interval .

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Usually there is no Gap once Herceptin starts...it goes non stop for 17#

The Radiotherapy and Chemo and other things..come it's way...and are done simultaneously.

If there is a gap >4-5 days, you need to be reloaded with Herceptin @ higher dose 8mg/kg weight.

Consult your Oncologist on how to deal with these gaps

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Zahid100 in reply to roxboxfox

Yes, thank you for the information. Our doctor said my mother will receive chemo then radio and then herceptin. But after finishing chemo there was a 5 weeks gap before starting radio therapy. Is there any kind of gap to start herceptin injection after the radio therapy?

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sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to Zahid100

No, there is no gap. But if there has been a gap or a gap is planned intentionally by your Oncologist, it’s perfectly fine. Don’t bother about it.

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Zahid100 in reply to sumeet_shah

Thanks a lot sumeet sir

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