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Target therapy drugs

My mother is having HEr2 positive and Er/PR positive breast cancer. We did surgery now and moving for target therapy . Can u please share where I can get herceptin in low cost than hospital or any hospital where I can get it in low cost.

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You can buy from a distributor or directly from a company representative. All Oncologists who write and prescribe these drugs regularly, very well would know all possible options to get it in low cost and they can also directly talk to company representative to supply directly to patient at lower cost. So, the moral is, talk to your doctor who prescribed it to you. Ask for chances of getting it directly from company.


I agree with you.. in my case, I needed to use both trastuzumab and pertuzumab. Without my oncologist suggestions and help I would have spent almost a crore rupees by now. They introduced me to the distributors who gave steep discounts and also to the manufacturer’s patient care program which was giving free vials after certain number of purchases.


I agree with Dr. Shah for another reason. You want to insure that the distributor is providing a quality product. Working through your doctor would insure the reliability of the company.


Renowned Hospitals will insist on buying from them and will charge you full MRP. You may have to go to Hospitals which allow outside drugs (which you may purchase from Distributor) or any Nursing Homes where your Medical Oncologist may be attached.

All Countries would have different Distributors who supply and procure drugs from Parent Company.

Your Oncologist needs to connect you to your local Distributor.



I bought Herceptin for my mother at a relatively low cost about 2 years ago. I posted a detailed description of where and how you can buy Herceptin at a low cost. The costs should go down as the information is 2 years old, but you should have a good idea where and how to buy Herceptin at an affordable price. Please go through the below link and find my comments. Thanks.



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