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No notable veins found even after multiple pricks


My mother is currently undergoing 8th cycle of Herceptin after MRM, Chemo and radiotherapy.

Initially a chemo port was inserted for chemotherapy, but as our Doc said it was blocked in its very first chemo session. Since then Chemo(6cycle) & herceptin is administered intravenously.

Each and every time it takes multiple pricks, at 8th cycles of herceptin No notable veins found even after multiple pricks(7) so we returned without taking herceptin by taking week gap (Right side MRM carried out & our doc suggested not try to prick right hand side).

Now they are suggesting for Central line.

My mother is very sensitive to pricks(basically to hospitals after going all through this), is there any better alternative than central line or any ways to improve detection of veins as still 9 cycles remains.


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1. Chemo Port (Porthacath)

2.Peripherally inseretd Catheter (PICC Line) inserted under ultrasound Guidance or via Venesection.

Sumeet will be able to answer this one better... Whether can a general surgeon insert this latter... Or would a vascular surgeon be needed.

In the UK and US, Roche has launched subcutaneous version of Herceptin already in 2015..... Which will not be available in INDIA for the next 10-15 years... Perhaps due to the license and monopoly branding.

Intravenous access is compulsory for your mother i m afraid.

Seek u r Medical Oncologist and Surgeons help...


Thanks roxboxfox,

Seems in this kind of situation subcutaneous Herceptin will really help unfortunately As you mentioned we'll not see it here anywhere soon.


In this situation, re insertion of PORT or a PICC, like Dr. Rohit suggested, are the only options I feel. I wonder why the PORT was blocked in first session itself? Surprising.

Anyways, I am sure you Medical Oncologist will discuss with your Surgical Oncologist and both will take a decision in best Cavour of your mother.


Thanks Doc,

As port was already blocked and removed to avoid further infection.

Seems only option left out is central venous catheter.


I agree with the doctors, but one question that comes to mind is whether your mother is dehydrated. The one time it took several sticks to find a vein when I was in treatment I was very dehydrated.

I'm surprised that they didn't replace the port. I know several people who have had them removed and replaced for other types of cancer. Please let us know how your mother does.


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