Remedy of sores in mouth and nose

My mother already had 4 AC regimen chemotherapy. 4 more paclitaxel chemotherapy will be needed. But after these 4 chemotherapies she has sores in her mouth and nose. A little bleeding has occured from these sores with spit. What is the remedy of this? What kind of food will be good for her eat? Anyone facing similar problem please response.

**My mother has breast cancer. Mastectomy done. ER and PR negative HER 2+++. Treatment plan 4AC chemo+ 4 paclitaxel chemo + 17 herceptin. After 3 chemos whole body bone scan report normal***

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  • Dear Zahid

    The same case with my wife also. she has taken (4+4) chemotherapy and completed in the month of May 17.Now 12 herceptin also completed but she didn't face the problem during chemo.

    Hemoglobin and blood count shall be maintained. keep more intake of fruits and juices more and consult your oncologist about the problems..

    It is 100 % not worry.


  • Dear Zahid

    My mother also endured with 4+4 chemotherapy and 12 cycle of herceptin which took almost one year to complete. Now she is under 6 month interval follow up process.

    During chemo she suffered a little from tongue sore and to overcome this problem she was advised to consume less spice food and a liquid medicine. So consult this problem with assigned oncologist and do not worry, Insaallah she will be alright very soon.

  • For the mouth sores my Oncologist recommended 1lt of H2O mixed with 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp baking soda . Shake and mix together. Use this as mouth wash at least 4-6 times a day.

    This helps greatly in preventing mouth sores.

  • During chemo for mouth ulcers, I used to apply turmeric powder directly on the ulcer before going to bed

    Severe ulcers also subsided

  • The salt and baking soda rinses help many - done very often during the day. If the sores are very painful, there is a prescription that people in the US called Magic Mouthwash here. The formulas vary a bit from one pharmacy to the next, but essentially contain laidocane to numb the mouth mixed with a couple of other things. Mouth sores are not uncommon with chemo. Ask her doctor what he recommends, and if no improvement, ask what she can try next.

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