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My Mother Dignosed with 2b Stage Cancer with HER+

Hi my mother is diagnose with 2b stage with 2/20 nodes of breast cancer and her surgery is done and ER and PR is negative but her HER2 is positive with score 3 or grade 3

now she undergoing the 1st dose of chemo and dr will give herceptin with 2nd dose of chemo.i am very tensed and totally upset for my mother can some one reply she will be fine 100%.

Please help me out in this situation my mother is my world

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Hi Nikkiiyy,

Sorry to hear about your mom's cancer.

But I m glad she is on the right path and she is receiving world class treatment which is proven and evidence based.

No one can give guarantee, but the stage you described with the features of ER/PR- & Her-2 +

This cancer is certainly curable stage and the intent of your doctor's is Radical with intention of cure.

Stay positive, eat healthy, and follow sensible advice and soon your mom will reach the finishing line of her cancer treatment and come out strong and positive.

Wish your mom all the best

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thanks you so much for this valuable and positive feedback i rely thank full to you for this one more thing please confirm which my oncologist informed me that becoz of HER+ the cancer cells is too aggressive and due this that cancer can come back in future for this only they will give HERCEPTIN to my mother so please confirm what is the percent rate that cancer can come back in future and threw this HERCEPTIN therapy can we reduce the risk for the same and one more thing i want to confirm that we are thinking to remove the other breast in future so that risk can be reduce so please suggest it will be good for her


Ideally your Oncologist will be the best person to give you statistics about your mother's condition and treatment.

Assuming, your mother is 60 years, and she has a 2.5 cm IDC grade 3 tumour with 2 positive nodes which she detected on her own, and this cancer is ER/PR - Her2 +ve and Ki 67 high expression & your Oncologist is using third generation chemotherapy along with Herceptin

Her best chances for being alive and well and free of cancer will be around 72-78% as per NHS Predict version 2.0

You can always ask your Oncologist these questions, who would have much more info than me ( where I have to guess a lot of things)

Her cancer is High risk but to counteract that your mother is undergoing aggressive chemotherapy along with Herceptin to fetch you the best Results.

Concentrate and focus your efforts and energy on the three quarter cup of water which is full, rather than get worried and tensed about the empty one quarter of the cup.

That would be my simple and humble advice.

Please consult with your surgeon about contralateral mastectomy.

It's benefit and harms ...but at a later date, once all your essential life saving treatment is finished.

To the best of my knowledge, it would probably not make any impact on her overall outcome, unless she has BRCA mutation in her genes like what Angelina Jolie had !!

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Thank you so much Doctor for giving me this advise i will definitely follow the same Thank you for sharing all the details So happy to hear your outcome. Very reassuring.

Dr.My Mother age is 52 and she has 3.5 cm IDC with grade 3 and we in my mother family no genetic history in BC DR.kindly just tell me after HERCEPTIN treatment the chances will be 72 to 78 % as per NHS predict version and what type of care we should take for her so that the BC will not back in future.

Sir please confirm this is my last query i am very much of upset due this sudden thing please help me out


It is beyond us to either predict whether a cancer will come back or not, or take any steps to make the chances less. There is no specific care that needs to be taken. Don't bother much about eating something more or eating something less. What is important is a good balanced diet and a good healthy life. All foods in proper proportions are good. Ideally, we would suggest some form of exercise for 45 minutes daily.

Keep regular follow up with your Oncologist. Your mom will be fine, don;t worry

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Thank you so much for reply

Please tell me which type of exercise she can do please confirm which form of exercise


can anyone confirm about the herceptin dose schedule firstly my mother oncologist was saying we will give 17 dose of herceptin with chemo my mother is taking 8 dose of chemo but our oncologist not yet started the herceptin dose they were saying that we will start herceptin with the 2nd dose of chemo nut now they are saying will start with 4 th chemo dose and the cost they are saying 29000 per herceptin dose is anyone know who suggest lower price for this because 29000*17 dose will be too costly

so please help me out when is the right time to give herceptin dose (in which dose of of chemo we can start herceptin)and lower price if available for herceptin (Lower than 29000 rs per dose)


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